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    Its been a good painting day! got some omega free hands done and worked on some NMM and a little on the bust
    Crimson fists for the win!
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    Happy painting for the NY

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    Nice work and the bust keepe getting better.

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    Fitted some greenstuff between the joint of the googles and head so the join is better, I cut a little too much off when cleaning it up

    Also with the left over ply I figured it was about time I got my minis off my desk and into a cabinet! So The begginings of my mini cabinet . . . I will have to paint some more to fill it up, mawahahaha
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    My Helpers Ned checking I have his good side, and Emilia putting some polyurethane on he back of the cabinet. Oh sunshine is great! Hope you guys are ok with the super cold weather up there!

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    Just got home from Maui today! Went from 28c to -32c in one plane ride it's so damned cold they cancelled snowboarding lessons tomorrow - we almost never do that in Canada!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    We've got 30 degree days here in Aus Canny , lovely weather . Close ups on the marines please brother ,I'm doing some similar at the moment ,need some inspiration . Cheers .
    Proud owner of a Teronus TMM original.
    Carpe Diem Carpe Nocturne

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    What a treasure that lil face on your daughter,she radiates “nostalgia: from my childhood happytimes

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    brings a tingle to your heart. out at the beach today but will post some work later tonight.

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    A little progress, I also need to set up the camera and take some decent pics
    Free had Ultramarine shoulder and knee, just need to tidy them up a touch and make the shoulder one slightly lower at the front, I've been doing it extra careful so I don't need to tidy up the blue. The knee one just needs to be filled in pretty happy with that.
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    Bout time I started on a base for him . . .
    Green stuff job on the bust
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    Happy painting

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    Nice work on the marine, also where's that bust from? I find it strangely appealing

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    Such beauty in your work can can!!!! Always - never waivers!!!

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    both the marine and the bust are looking great. I really like the blue you have for the marine, really nice shade.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Cold....whats that?
    My WIP -
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    ." -Me-

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    green skins are immune to the cold aren't they Diggs!

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    A little work on the test space hulk marine. Pic is a little bright buy you can see the gold is starting to come together. As hes a test and I need to paint the rest of em I picked up some simple green to strip and paint them all at once. Need some more contrast in the red too, he looks too orange here but at the top hes a good red ( Closer to real life).
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    Because I cant help myself . . . Bit o progress on a Crimson Fist
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    Just noticed a tinny ripple line when it was cast on his helmet

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    Nice work on all these marines... very smooth painting!!!

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    Bit o base work, sellotape works great to hold base material together while cracking it up. its stretchy enough to get some gaps in it then you just glue it to the base!
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    Attachment 63215
    Still a bit more to go, and tidy up, maybe some pigments
    Last edited by Canny; 01-12-2018 at 02:24 AM.

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    Lovely -the shattered pavement base base- crimson fists progress - everything , that lil survivor Japan’s nation type bust however is so nicely painted indeed!!!

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