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    congats man. thats actually a nicer looking trophy than that pesky demon statue.

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    thanks Skelettes. they are stepping up their game from 4 years ago!

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    twitch! I'm also in wellington! Painting session!

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    Sweet, could be interesting, I'm really not that good at the moment though. Keen to come check your stuff out.

    I'm up in Newlands

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    Congratz on the win, mate!
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    Awesome job on the win canny, well deserved. And what a great concept for a trophy, would be very tempting to give it a lick of paint...

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    thank you CCreations, Meph, and Coyote! I better get back to some substantial painting, just finished the horus heresy SCAR book (white scars), 3 days and and 475 pages and all late nights because I could not put the dam book down!

    Better not start any others until I finish some minis. I think I might have to read them all, a trip to see how many are at the library is in order

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    CON-freaking- grats- I’ve live the way each local comp comes up with these cool trophy-this ones much nicer than most !!! earned with perfect score guys!!!

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    Awesome! Congrats on the well deserved win.

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    Huge congrats mate. Clearly made
    an impression if they’re asking for your input next year.

    Thoroughly deserved, well done

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    Canny, I see you've just joined a fb group I'm in. The blue space marine gave you away, I'm not stalking you.
    Anyway, I'm keen to come have a chat/nosey at your setup some time when it suits.
    Cheers man.

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    That has crossed my mind to paint it up for next year. But I have a lot on the go. So he will stay gold for a while until I get the dark angle done, my squad of crimson fists , also Roboute Guilliman has arrived on my desk to help fund my passion for miniatures - hes just being cleaned up at the mo.

    I remember when Harald came out and thought he was awesome so I have ordered him with some of the earnings.

    Twitch - yeah I just got an invite from Gavin who I meet in a Meg Maples class about 4 years ago. Kinda forgot all about it as hes not in wellington. there are some quite nice painters kicking around, very good historical painters, standards a little lower for 40k or gaming minis. PM incoming.

    Im also working on some castings of a 3d print thats not a miniature but something a fellow painter saw and wondered if I could make him some. The time it takes to print them is quite a while so casting them seemed like a good option. Its funny you would think it would not be that hard. 1st time experience is that the general process is not hard but getting the finesse for a no bubble cast is quite hard. Once I have something decent I will show you better casts and my initial casts.
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    In action but this one has his logo

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    congratz on the win Canny; nicely done. The model is looking ace and I can't wait to see what you do next. I feel like i've missed out on loads the last 2.5 years.


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    I have made a good cast!!!! I will upload the video to you tube later but here is the link to google pics the video is there! The pressure pot worked a charm along with the new mold. Still learning heaps but making real progress!

    Im looking forward to making my own bases from 3d prints now. . . .
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    Little part of my brain is saying "Must stay focused must finish painting what I start!"
    My brain is twitching about sculpting now hahahaha!
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    Huuuge question I live it sooo much I’m looking to buy 10 for my deathguard- give me thy price and I will make the dirty change fall into thy mercenaries greedy hannnds!!! Lolo I’m serious give me a price -any price . :/ you are incredible - your painting rocks- your banners rock now you can make your own bases which rocks!!!! Cmon now bud - let’s be a bit fair to the rest of the mortals!!!

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    Oh you crack me up BAM! thank you for the kind words, I better let some air out of my head so I can get out the door to work!

    I am very excited that you like the bases, I need to make 20 of the cork holders, then I will start on the bases. its the initial set up that's the kicker after that the casts are pretty cheap to produce.
    Im over the moon with the success at the mo .

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    That's awesome dude! You say we have mojo but you have some too
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