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    It took me a very long time to work out that link was a video, not a photo. Had no idea what I was supposed to be looking at!
    Clever stuff, and it looks awesome.

    Not finishing painting what I start is an issue for me too. So many projects, so little time.

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    Big belated congrats on the golden Killer Can Canny. Some lovely armour blending going on on that new model as well. Good to see you back in your groove!

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    That base/support/plinth looks very smooth! congrats on the finding for a correct cast process!
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    The design of that grating in the last picture is very cool.

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    Default 3d print test - Deathwatch Overkill base

    Test base printed to check scale, sizing and depth of details (32mm base). It's not my 1st test base but each one is better sized and scaled. The flat surface is slightly larger than the tile so it looks better when a mini is on it, large enough so when a foot is on it the mini looks like he has a firm footing not like hes going to trip on the pattern!
    I started this when the the overkill board game came out last year . . or even the year before! Progress is progress.

    I will have to send them away to get the final prints done, as you can see the detail is there but no crisp enough for my expectations.

    I made all the sections in fusion 360 which has allowed me to have 5 different folders each containing a specific part, eg the floor grate, the edging, the flat plating, and a few frilly bits. this allows me to make sections based on the tile much easier than making each one individually from scratch.

    Name:  DeathwatchBase1.2.jpg
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Size:  176.7 KBName:  DeathwatchBase1.1.jpg
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Size:  69.1 KBName:  DeathwatchBase1.jpg
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    If you guys have any sections of the tile that takes your fancy I want to make about 15 variations that cover 25mm 32mm and what ever the terminator size is and a bigger one for the Boss Nid (not checked them yet).

    Because I have to pay to get them printed at higher resolution I will cast them from resin so I do plan to sell some to recoup costs.

    Happy days

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    This is really cool man, they look great... well all the work you have put into them has definately paid off, I can just picture how good they will look as a resin cast. Great stuff...

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    I like that base design. some times the simple stuff is the best.


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    congrats! nice base
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    Really nice idea (and printing). The more i see experimentations like that , the more I want to test 3D printing.

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    Oh, that is cool! I agree with Dexter here, 3D printing is starting to open some really creative doors.
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    3d printing has come quite far since I printer I use. Another few years and I hope resin high detail printers will be much more affordable. It's amazing what you can do these days!

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    5 more so a set of 6, now I will move on to another board and keep going.
    Name:  32mm_base_Deathwatch x5.jpg
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    Name:  32mm base 2 plain.jpg
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Size:  33.4 KBName:  32mm_base_1_2018-Mar-15_01-53-20AM-000_CustomizedView16786456815.jpg
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Size:  31.2 KBName:  32mm base 4 corner.jpg
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Size:  29.6 KBName:  32mm base 5.jpg
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Size:  29.9 KBName:  32mm base 6 end.jpg
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    Now to make sure they are all good print time
    Last edited by Canny; 03-14-2018 at 10:03 PM.

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    Success! one third of the way there. Im currently working on the bike base, while thinking about how I can incorporate the jump pack guys bases into my own.
    Name:  bases.jpg
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    Really cool idea for bases, and executed so well. You're getting good at this stuff.

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    Biker base is done tried to make it a bit more dynamic so put the the topper at a slight angle and left a good flat bit for some free hand or extra detail.
    Name:  bkier base.jpg
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    I’ve been coveting a 3D printer for a while now....this makes me want one even more....

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    I don’t ever need one-I HAVE COACH CANNY -AND SOME CASH !!!!

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    Once I have made a section of tile I measure up the tops of the bases and cut them out, just like a cookie cutter. 40mm bases incoming. . .
    Name:  tile 1small.jpg
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    Name:  tile 2small.jpg
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    That's enough for tonight my eye are killing me and I need a break. Once I have enough tile parts I can just cut as many as I need, this is just the hard yards getting all the pieces that lend themselves to painting and dont have too much detail.

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