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    DWARF DWARF! Nice base bro! Just watch us, me and Canny are learning from the pros of basing

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    yeah MaM it's quite exciting. what do you think about the composition?

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    Marine is super delicious- and the comp on the dwarf meets jarheads positioning he Calls the golden angle. Which can be done by eyeing it or using his midpoint of a hypotenuse based on the size of the model and the length of the base. Your right in it. great stuff. Very smart to sketch it out. Your pretty much symmetrical weight on both sides axe on one in the air and column on the other. Great balance sir. The

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    The composition looks great, but I am still a noob in that erea of expertise. I much to learn on basing that's why I am patreon of Oliver!

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    Thanks guys. good Times. that's a great read on massive vodoo too. Thanks for the reminder BaM I will check back on that for a refresher. I look forward to your base work MaM.
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    Yeah, the start on the dwarf scene looks really nice. Great setting for the figure. It'll be fun to see how that piece develops!

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    Bit more work on Zek. goint to call the blues done and move on to the rest of him and finish . . . . before he ends up never finished. I do need to tidy up a few spots here and there at the end.
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    Some great looking blue armor, the colors on the robe look very nice as well.

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    That shading looks top-notch, both the armour and the robe. It's a very nice contrast of textures.
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    Incredible shine on that NMM it def resembles metallic substance. Very well done....a year of this a tremendous year of painting indeed.

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    thanks gents! it's been a satisfying ride so far and quite a good learning curve with type of brushstrokes and glazes. I'm going to work on all things this year so skin is another challenge too I also added the bust and flag guy to putty and paint. link below. I think once i get some votes I can vote again too. sharing for those who appreciate is great thank you for looking. I'm really satisfied with my progress so far. gotta finish my crimson fists too to fund my projects.
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    Nice one canny the finished marine looks great. Really nice blue, the shine is spot on. Interesting to see your process to with the basic layers first then smoothing after. Must try it that way one day.

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    That librarian is awesome Canny.

    Excellent texture on the cloak and the blue armour is superbly smooth

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    Wow, the blending on the power armour is top notch mate... exceptional work

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    Thank you Chaotic, Fox, Coyote, MaM, BaM, Meph, fluister. A wip is all about progress and showing steps to me. Its lovely seeing well painted minis but its not going to teach any one the work required to get from A to Z. Im enjoying being back and having the time to paint with all of you

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    1st place single mini and shard the overall with another chap that had some smooth painting on a wraith lord. Golden Killa can! I might even strip him and enter him next year! hahaha
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    I got asked to judge and improve the scoring schedule for next year too.
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    Nice bro, I am so happy for you!!! Just make sure I don't move in NZ and you'r fine mate!! Crazy trophy!

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    Come to NZ buddy even just for a holiday buddy. you can stay with us(for a holiday).hahaha. Just let me know so I can sharpen my brushes!

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    Hey Canny, where in NZ are you? I'm in Wgtn.

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