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    Default Canny's Wip

    Hi guys thanks for taking a peak!

    This is going to be my new Wip thread. My old one can be found here. The finished product of that thread is below.
    Name:  SO1.JPG
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Size:  282.1 KBName:  SPW.JPG
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    Here is what I'm working on Now, I have an addiction to making bases, I imagined the librarian walking across broken tiles and to just to add a little DoOM a skull also.
    Name:  LibBase.JPG
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Size:  63.9 KBName:  LibBase1.JPG
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    And here with the Librarian . . Zab I saw yours and had to get one, once I did a search I see he is pretty popular.
    Name:  LibFull.JPG
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    Next up and what I'm going for is a Bronze / copper nmm its started but I just realised the iron shine will be one way and the bronze at 90degrees I don't think that going to work so I will have to swap it round. After plenty of research and a goggled a easy pic to replicate below for NMM.
    Name:  mijQVIa.jpg
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    As the shield is domed it will be different, but that's the colours I'm going for.
    Name:  Dwarf1.JPG
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    He is a little yellow at the mo, Stay tuned and comments most appreciated.

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    Thanks! I love that base for the libby. That is a nice color you have for the base of the bronze NMM. Who is it by? It will look better once you lay in the other colors. Rough it out first and then refine it once you see how the other colors affect it
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zab View Post
    Who is it by?
    Scribor, there are afew ducal guards on coolmini just mixing up the standard paint job so it may look abit different, all the others have much the same.

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    I have had a pretty big work load which has been keeping me away, But Im back to my little Dwarf and Librarian.

    So I have made an effort on the shield for nmm, need to brighten up the runes but other than that Im moving on to the rest of the mini. Its the first attempt, Maybe more transition from black/brown with a smaller amount of black would be better for the future?
    Name:  Dwarf.jpg
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    I have had a play/experiment with the tiles on the base think its looking ok. . thanks to Awesomepaint job videos about marble.
    Name:  LibBase.jpg
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    And Colours for the Lib, I think I will have to make the tiles a little pinker to tie the base in. I should realy paint the base last but I could not resist.
    Name:  LibColour.jpg
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    Hope to start him tonight, if I dont get carried away with the nmm.

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    Wow, that nmm is really nice. Nothing wrong with painting the base first, many people paint them up and then wait for the right mini to come along.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    DeviantArt Handle: AlmostZab
    Art Amino Handle: Almost Perftec Painting
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    Its a bit too dark and I cant get a good shot of the shoulder of the dwarf it seems a bit merky to me. But here its the 1st step of the LibrarianI worked the lights and darks as you can see on the underside of the Libs arm and the transitions of the backpack.
    Name:  Libprog1.JPG
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    Shazam base looks like it was meant to be!
    The Flash is making the lighter shades a bit baby blue, will see how they look in natural light tomorrow.

    Now Im thinking of doing something like this on his gauntlet.
    Name:  img-thing1.jpg
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    Have Fun
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    Heya, stuff is looking good! Just a comment on brushes. Everyone has different preference, I use W and N series 7, just my preference. As to size I have many but I do almost all my painting with my 0 and 1, this includes eyes, dark lining, freehand, etc. I use this over the 000 for one main reason, though it is a tiny bit harder to get the hang of you get a much longer working time. 000 dries up much to fast for my liking! This is frustrating but more I importantly I can lead to awful chalkiness and gummy painting (semi dry paint comes off the brush ruining blends and making unsightly texture.)


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    Marine is looking very nice, im impressed with his sword blade. I can not paint in sections like you are, I have to assemble the mini first to get the overall look.

    As for the keys / greys - yes more highlights, always more highlights but only use pure white in selected places.
    I used dark outlines like you have to make the details stand out. I never use pure black, makes the mini look a bit off.
    Try and get the edge highlights to flow around the shape of the item (to try and get the 3D shape) eg the keys, around the contours of the rope etc.
    Ive tried this on mine below - the key ring loop / keys - but i'm still off with the look.

    Name:  img50ee785a06705.jpg
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    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I have put him together to see how he is coming along, I did put some paint on and fudged it up, so took it apart again.
    I used Glacier blue for the beggining highlights and a dot/ strip of skull white in places, quite pleased with the sword arm.
    Name:  Libporg4.jpg
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    Still messey around the shin details which Im slowly cleaning up.
    Name:  Libprog4.1.jpg
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    Quite like the elbow guard work.
    Name:  Libprog4.2.jpg
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    Fresh black paint, ready for a NMM finish much like AndyG. Thank you
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    just a little work last night, much smoother than the dwarf NMM
    Name:  Libprog5.jpg
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    Looks like a small amount of pure white is required for the camera but IRL its a bit better

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    Damn that is nice. I really like the little scratches and wear on the armour too!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

    Instagram: almost_zab
    DeviantArt Handle: AlmostZab
    Art Amino Handle: Almost Perftec Painting
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