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    Marines are looking good Canny. Definitely digging a bright orange beard.

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    After a little searching I found this
    Name:  viking-dragon-viking-shield.jpg
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    So I figured I would start with the shield. . . I plan to have the serpent black on a cold blue shield.
    Name:  step1.jpg
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    I figured I would have it chipped and scratched so I layed down some wood tones
    Name:  step2.jpg
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    Then drew some grain on and a few slashes, then darkened up the sculpted details.
    All this will be mostly covered with the Blue but I figured it would be easier to paint wood now than in the cracks after . . .and now I can choose the best parts to leave.

    Happy painting
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    Nice work on the wood grain, shame it’s going to be covered over with the blue... that freehand design will look awesome on that shield.

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    ‘Tis e very niceie niiiice!!!( borat )

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    The shield is great no doubt about it, but your vice grips to hold it stole the show for me. Pure modern day ingenuity at its best right there :P
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    ." -Me-

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    I'm looking forward to seeing the freehand! The base wood looks great- it's always kind of scary painting on top of it

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    Great wood effect. Looking forward to seeing the serpent on top of it.

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    Loving that shield mate, beautiful wood effect


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    Thanks Gent! Tomorrow I will do the blue and the serpent, I'm out surviving a Dungeon tonight! I even got to level 2 last week with my dwarf warrior ( my 1st ever DnD character)

    Thank you all for checking in, about 12 days to go until I get the High resolution prints back for the gothic style base toppers too.

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    AND THE GOOOLD TROPHY GOES TO ....BaM and his wonderful base toppers that solidified his placeings.

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    nice work on the shield so far. very good placement of the colours
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    Bit more Progress on a few things. . . . You bet BAM!!!
    Name:  Harald.jpg
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    And the chaplain
    Name:  Chaplain.jpg
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    Happy painting
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    That shield is looking fantastic mate. I fear the chaplain is edging towards dark silver more than black though

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    Nicely done on that reflective/ shiny armor. You’ve sold the two properties of a metallic substances . And the shiled color is perfect.

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    the shield is looking great, really good weathering. light placement is good on the armour
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    Love those colours on the shield, both sides of it!
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    Im pleased you like them, Yeah its almost too shiny But I like it like that and thats as far as I will go for the Chaplain. The shield has had some more progress and Im unsure if it needs some blues washed over the top or something to make it a bit more together. maybe some like weathering streaks or something your ideas are needed!

    After looking around at other shields, it needs another layer of BAM grime and Maybe a touch of blood. . .
    Name:  harald Dragon.jpg
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    Here is a little teaser of his test colours. . . .
    Name:  dwarf.jpg
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