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    Great effect on a terrific model.

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    Oh wow, fantastic sword effect. Way to go, now I want to restart mine haha

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    Thanks guys I'm glad you like the sword
    I enjoyed painting this fella yesterday now I must finish him and keep on going with the hell blasters!

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    Been follwoing your work on this guy in instagram...lovely work Canny, copper and bronze with those lovely bright patina spots are working brilliantly.

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    Saint toad - "the fists project" Im painting the dark imperium box set as the crimson fists.
    Arrkan yes I was looking through the Skellys and I thought yes hes the best!
    Thanks guys for stopping by Im pleased you like them, gives me some motivation and seeing the plasma guys in that photo makes me want to keep on going with them. Thanks for the tips on the plasma Hairster they worked out well!
    Finished the Skelly so back to the blackstone fortress guys and the Crimson fists. . .

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    happy painting!
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    Which colors did you use for the rusty sword? This is really looking great!

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    Use yes I too wanted to know what ingredients went into your cauldron to make this maginificent spell!!! Well done cannster.

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    Pic of the wet pallete base coat was bugmans glow. Leaving the darker areas black. Then mixtures of the brighter colours. I didn't use heaps of the bright orange just a couple glazes and mixed it with the squige and yellow. Then just minimal highlights as I knew I wanted his eyes and skull to be the brightest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canny View Post
    Graishak these are the colours
    Thanks for sharing! ;-)
    Those huge bottles besides the smaller gw colors are for airbrush?

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    You can use almost anything in your airbrush. The larger bottles are Vallejo paints. I quite like them, I also like p3 paints too. There are all sorts of paint brands and all have different attributes but you can generally adjust them to how you want with water glaze medium or airbrush thinner.

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    Bit o progress in the ghouls from Blackstone fortress. Thanks for the base colour idea fox!
    I think I'm going to put some dots/splotches on the shoulders and thighs like the box art too.
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    Happy painting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canny View Post
    You can use almost anything in your airbrush.
    On that VMC Golden Yellow the "Contains Cadmium. Do not spray" label is quite a warning, though!
    I put a big red X on all my bottles containing Cadmium...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post
    On that VMC Golden Yellow the "Contains Cadmium. Do not spray" label is quite a warning, though!
    I put a big red X on all my bottles containing Cadmium...

    Liking the Ur-Ghul! Quite fun little models to paint and the base colours are inspired

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    Real painters have Cadmium on toast for breakfast , washed down with a mercury coffee
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Hehe it's all by brush for the skelly but lucky it's "almost anything in the ab" might have a led sandwich later!

    Happy painting

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    Even more real painters sprinkle secret weapon chopped glass on it before downing it!!!! Breakfast of champions.

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    Love the skellys canny and the ghouls are awesome. Blends between blues and purples are great but it's their faces I love the most. Really scary.

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    oh lordy secret weapon crushed glass?! If you can smell it you are already bleeding internally. wear a mask you ding dongs!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    On that VMC Golden Yellow the "Contains Cadmium. Do not spray" label is quite a warning, though!
    OMG! Read that the first time xD Never thought about it, nor read the small printed stuff on my bottles lol.
    But when I get cancer now I can at least say it probably wasn't the smoking, it was the few times I sprayed golden yellow through my airbrush xD

    The skeleton looks great! Thanks a lot for the color guide!
    I like color choice for the ghouls too. Excited how they'll turn out when finished. Maybe some OSL around the eyes ? ^^

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