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Thread: Canny's Wip

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    I need to get out the camera and set it up for some finished shots to post. thanks buddy I feel like this year is going to be a good year of painting.
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    Righto . . . . I have a goal, the annual GW comp in wellington and I have until the 17 feb. Its a short time away and will make me pull my finger out.

    Ive enjoyed working on the easy build sergeant and finished his head yesterday its been a while so you eagle eyed thoughtful peps could help with anything that would be cool. Im quite pleased with him in person, but after looking at him via photo I feel I need a little more yellow on the forehead and a little more red in the checks.
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    Once I got him I knew I NEEDED more. Dark Imperium was just what I needed, I've never brought a box set like this so it was quite exciting and all the books with the art work are very cool, I'm a little unsure of what I want to achieve so the comp will give me some focus. Once that's done I can keep on enjoying painting.

    Category 1: Single model - Any one model a mini from DI death watch I thought.

    Category 2: Unit - Any unit, Warband, Gang or Team of up to 10 models. Crimson fists unit, maybe the command of DI

    Category 3: Duel - Any two models on a sigle base of up to 160mm in size. I have had an eldar Farseer which was way back when Sprocket did his awesome version. SO I thought about time he got some love and I like the Arhiman thousand sons so I thought I would pic him up. Idea was a magic battle - ideas coming from the FW magnus and Russ with the twisty magic.

    SO I have sweet little time to get these guys done, If I make all the entries that would be cool SO I thought a Death watch mini and the unit of Crimson fists would most likely be all I can manage if Im crazy the Duel will take shape too.

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    Great to have a focus for painting...definately something to give you some drive to crack on with some models.

    Agree with you on the glazes - a little red/purple around the eyes maybe as well. I would be tempted to do some ultra fine almost white highlights frown lines/wrinkles to the forehead/across the nose etc. Just go with what you are comfortablewith though.

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    Think he looks great cans. Sometimes if let’s say I don’t see enough of the yellow/blue/red delineation on my faces I rehigglight but a bit brighter and than glaze these on again . Often I find that the highlights weren’t strong enough for the glazed to sit on. But I think I can see them fine here. Only youlll know how he looks in front of you.

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    Do you guys think his face is too dark for the rest of the mini?
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    Better do the tip of his bullet on his belt! . . .and finish his gun also.

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    I think it looks good. It appears your light source is mostly coming from left of center (his right) so his face in that angle would be a little darker. You may want to up the highlights a little on his right cheek/forehead to exaggerate the contrast.

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    thanks buddy I will do that on round 2. I felt I could do better all round. His head is now in simple green.

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    The shades in the face didn't do it for me, looking forward for take 2. Otherwise nothing to say except....... NICE!

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    Noooooo - you crazy crazy crazy !!! I liked it. Am I bond or something thought it was awesome. :/ I’ll get my coat ... lol your the artist. Btw can’t on my new piece I probably won’t go any higher but I went up to white like you’ve been wanting me to do. I figured on his really pale skin it would still look realistic enough. And on that particular model it was the best step I ever took. I can’t say I’ll do it on everything but it def improves the overall pop of the model. So for that thank you. Btw the armor in the primary’s is simply elegant. Smooth and beautiful - youuuu lil airbrusherrr youuuu!!!!! )

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    Mawhahaha I do like the AB, still not as good as Alfonso with the AB but one day. Good to hear my buddy. what size do you think about this Crimson fists banner? I guess bugger is easier to do.
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    But the smaller one looks to be a better size.
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    This is great na be some squad!!!

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    Btw way I do really like the banner st that size buddy. I think it’s got a nice ratio to the model Itself. Not to long / not to short. It’s like the Goldilocks porridge - it’s juuuuust riiiiight!:/ lol

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    Thanks chaps hit some .4 plasticard whit the heat gun and got some good ripples in it. I think I will carefully cut 1-2mm off the height the length I think is about right.
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    I agree can maybe 1.5 mm should be perfect but the rest as a whole is a damn nice beaten ripped up victory flag!!! Really great piece of modeling here. And again you AB skills are so far above par they should call you tiger woods!!!

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    Bahahaha! classic Bam! I think I'm luckier as I have you guys to keep me on the straight and narrow! good to hear i have trimed it a little like you said. i will greenstuff tonight and update.

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    2 updates flag man and all the others.
    Cut up the Dark Imperium flag and stuck it on the top of the brass rod cut the hand off a pistol and carefully fixed it up. pined and glued it. I can slide the flag in and out of his hand for painting and taking it to the Competition on the 17th. boy it that a fast approaching deadline.

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    If you look at the art work its close enough, I found a head instead of the helmet. I also will have to find some thick thread to make the dangley red rope thingys.
    Name:  wipCrimson fists.jpg
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    Plenty of work ahead and I have a new adventure in 2 weeks! I have joined some friend and will be playing my first quest of DnD! Gotta paint a mini for that too. Going to be a dwarf or a Barbarian.
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    I like what you've done with the banner. And the blue armor is looking nice.

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    Very smooth and neat work here. The reds are nicely done and the shading colors are perfect fit for the intense red

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