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Thread: Canny's Wip

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    loving this!
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    Looking good, great opportunity to replicate a classic bit of GW art.

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    Painted all the Dark Imperium heads + 1 head from the stern guards. After having a brain wave and figuring out what I was doing, I knew I could do better than the earlier head but could not remember How to do it. After a little re learning Im happy with these guys. I have noticed that the easy build sergeant has less details which makes him a little harder to paint. I really enjoyed the stern guard head it just worked better for painting and I like his expression.

    I have 1 week left to get 6 minis finished for the comp, entry next Saturday. things to do on armour; Edge highlights, freehand symbols, details, weathering once they are on the base. . . make the bases, paint the flag, I think I will get them all to a semi decent standard then finish the flag guy with any left over time and enter him in to the single and the other 5 to the unit. I wanted to do the duel too but that's not going to happen. Maybe next year I will plan a bit better. I didn't even think of entering or realise it was going on until about 2 weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how far people have come with painting, I won the single mini with my librarian 4 years ago. I would like to think the standard will be higher, I know there will some cool minis there as a new painting buddy who I met on instagram is coming and his work is very good.
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    Im quite stoked with the last guy I was able to paint a black eyebrow black line and carefully use paint in skin tones to the edge of it and have it look good ( I could not find the face image that I posted ages ago with the grey red yellow but I remembered what to do). A big thanks to MAM for some tips of freehand work. Sorry bout the pictures some of them are not as good as they could be.

    It's my little girls 4th birthday so I wont be doing much painting this weekend. I will getting everything ready for a PARTY, an't no party like a 4 year old's party!
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    Great work! And I am so excited for you my friend!! Have a nice week end! MAM LOL still not used to it.

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    I’m so first off happy birthday to the lil princess. Secondly your painting is 10 levels above the 4 years ago librarian. Have faith in it. Thirdly the faces , ahhh those beutiful subtle shades/ highliggting( subtle but more than enough shade highlight) faces with perfect color tones of the ol yellow, red, blue.

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    thanks buddy. making yummy party food now. whoo hoo

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    I went to my Farther inlaws place and brought along my bust, he got some pretty good shots of her. If you're interested I have started cataloging my pictures so you can see all the pics I took for the project here.
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    The bust looks really good in those last shots!!! Great job canny

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    Yeah, those are some nice photos of a very nice bust, kudos! And the Primares are looking awesome as well. I'm eager to see them finished;
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    I did have a goal of getting the command done but I have been struck by nurgle and suffer a head cold at the moment I do want to finish the flag guy and his flag by tomorrow and the the entire dark imperium primaris by the end of feb so I can continue paiting other stuff, I want to try something a bit more free style.
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    That armor is looking very nice. Great job with those heads too.

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    Excellent blends!!!

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    looking really good, very smooth blends and I love the colours

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