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    Excellent. I have a huge change of plans canny - take anytime you need on the Shapeways than when ready let me know what I owe thee. I’m going to finishe this deathguard to get them out of the way. The Shapeways bases I’m going to kill it with a gene realer unit ( being the genstaelwrs did so well at MFCA . I should’ve just stuck with what I know. No biggie the death guard I’ll finish quick with some reg basing just to have another unit for nova but the genstaelars which I’m much more fond of will be going to ice the cake. Awesome job all around . I got sidetracked with a client that has given me 3000.00 upfront to do 17 old GW metal models. So I’ll finish up the DG and start my stalkers and use these amazing grates for a space hulk. Apparently I’m gonna have limited time on Nova.
    exvellent work on your DaD single car Ther.

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    Very nice canny, they came out really great.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Bases look great Canny. Glad they've turned out as well as they have, it was a great idea dn really well executed.

    On the DnD dwarf, I can't help but feel the turquiose shoulder pad isn't up to the same standard as the rest of him. He looks awesome though.

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    good call fox, I keep looking at it and can't decide if Im going to paint something on it our just highlights and shadows. It's just base coat.

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    Default Im back!

    Hi guys

    I plan to post a bit more here and keep up with whats going on, Im feeling much better and on top of the world for being upside down!

    I picked up the fangs of ulfrich set and started the scenery, ordered a bunch on crimson fists decals to finish the primaris.
    Also started a rune lord ( photos to come) which will be my warhammer rpg character and a test for Harold from above with this colour combo
    Name:  HaroldDwarf.jpg
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Size:  10.0 KB

    What a huge amount of mold lines on the scenery, any how I have that primed and filled and found more mold lines and primed and found more mold lines . . Dont mention mold line, but I guess its scenery but my allergy to mold lines still drive me to clean them.
    Name:  alchemite.jpg
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    going to TMM and duno about the colours I like the box demo with the off white and rust, so that's looking good to me.

    Hope you are all well!

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    That is some cool looking scenery. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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    Never ceasing to amaze.

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    Keeping an eye on these as I have some Alchemite Stack bits to convert/work with for my next project post 40k GD. Good stuff Canny

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    Been busy last time I tried to upload I couldn't as I was accused of spam. any tips for that?
    Onward . . .painted the stacks with some rust colours, used some liquid mask to make some chips (used a torn up sponge) and scratches and masked off the pipes.
    Name:  stackRust.jpg
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    painted one set cream-ish and the other dark blue green with a few mixes of what I had.
    Peeling off the liquid mask is interesting I would use vallejo over fasmask its another model brand buts its not as stretchy so harder to peel off.
    Name:  stackcream.jpg
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    All most all peeled off . .
    Name:  stack chipped.jpg
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    Name:  stack chipped1.jpg
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Size:  236.7 KBName:  stack chipped 2.jpg
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    And last but not least my Dwarf for warhammer RPG.
    Name:  runelord front.jpg
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Size:  376.7 KBName:  runelord back.jpg
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    Im further along with him now but I guess I better take another pic to prove it, hahaha!

    Happy painting.

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    Good start off with the terrain.
    Looking at the illustrations on the GW page a bit more "dirt" is needed. Looking forward to see this developing further.

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    Keeping tabs on your terrain Canny, I have some of the alchemite stack bits that I will be heavily converting for another project, so keen to see your processes on them.

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    All good buddy. Splitting the time I have between gilliman alchemite stacks and the dwarf.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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    I live the dwarfs cape, it’s color choices as well. When your dine the mini will have that beutuful pop your known for bud. I cannot wait. Btw the terrain weathering is perfectly placed matey!!!!

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    Oh yeah if we’re being honest the dwarf kicks asses but you need to revisit that cork he’s looks like shit!!!! :/ lol

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    totally poor placement too you can see the pin, looks like hes floating! hahaha

    Because I cant help my self jumping from project to project . . .

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    Working on some shattered glass/stone style bases for the up coming blackstone fortress game. Inspired by the art work and a cricket ball through the laundry window at my grandparents place one boxing day when I was a kid. (Uncle Gerard just missed catching it)
    Name:  ShatteredFortress.jpg
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    Name:  BlackstoneSetting-Nov6-Explorers4di-846x543.jpg
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    I like the heck out of those bases. These are... 3-D printer files? Sorry if I missed that.
    Blackstone Fortress looks like a cool game coming out. Those bastards at GW are thieves!

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    Omg he does it again.

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    Hi Saint Toad
    Yes they are currently 3d files and I've printed a pla test one, this avo I'm collecting a resin printed one. They are about $10 each to print in resin so I will mold and cast them that way they are a reasonably priced.

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