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    Question Upgrade tiles and League Rules

    I plan on running an 8 person league with a base set and the League Pack, playing two one-on-one games simultaneously. Do I need extra sets of upgrade cards? According to the FAQ, an 8 player league requires the base set plus three additional sets. Why is that? If the base set supports 4 players, and the league pack includes all of the components from the base set, shouldn't it support an additional 4 players?

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    Hi Squaty, the more players in the league the more games that take place, as each team plays every other team twice. Every game you can purchase upgrade tiles so bigger leagues require a lot more upgrades than smaller leagues. A 4 player league has 12 games, a 5 player league has 20 games, a 6 player league has 30 games,a 7 player league has 42 games and an 8 player league has 56 games (this is not including finals).

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    So is it necessary to have the extra cards, or can they simply remember which upgrades they had when last they played, and store them in the box? ...or reuse in the next game? It seems that the rationale behind having multiple sets of upgrade cards is it is more convenient to simply leave the upgrades attached to the team card between matches.

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