10mm scale fortress in 3D and resin
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Thread: 10mm scale fortress in 3D and resin

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    Default 10mm scale fortress in 3D and resin

    a guy with 3D skills + a guy with resin casting skills + a guy who reads too many forums (me)

    It was time to do something together.

    What we are planning to do is a castle for 10mm games. Warmaster etc.

    Some previews:

    and a test piece to see how fine the printers can do:

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    What kind of Printer do you use? The Result is very fine and fantatic! Do you own a Printer, or do you commission these Parts (e.g. at Shapeways...)...?
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    Sadly, not our own. I will ask the exact printer specifications! It was done by a company here in Budapest.

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    The printer is "Objet" that all I know.

    In the meantime:


    Stone texture in progress...

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    In the meantime I created a facebook page too.


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    New pictures added to our Facebook page. Test printing done!

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    Here is the first test cast with size indication

    MOre here: https://www.facebook.com/EDG.Studio

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    were those metal minis of the figures next to the well also 3D printed?

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    The metal minis are from the OOP Games Workshop Warmaster range

    dark elf sorceress and a high elf rider

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    Lightbulb Add-ons

    Possible tower add-ons

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    IMO, you ought to Google City Gates for a better gate design. That gate simply lacks the defense depth that it needs.

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    really interested in this it is an awesome idea any chance of doing some different variations on parts like the gates and towers to leave room for customisation later besides wargaming these would be fantastic for displays at castles around the country to better show what they would have looked like in their period with a little reworking obviously

    larger scale ones would be much tougher for many to find room for among all the other things they generally have on display but a 10mm one could easily be set up at the entrance of virtually any castle and could be a strong secondary demographic for your product past wargamers if you have the variance in the base elements that would allow for customisation to cover the different periods the multitude of castles and remains we have were built in

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