Angels of redemption terminator with halberd inquiry
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Thread: Angels of redemption terminator with halberd inquiry

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    Default Angels of redemption terminator with halberd inquiry

    Hi sorry to post like this but I've been looking like crazy for this awesome old WIP of an Angels of Redemption terminator with a halberd. I have tried searching the forum but I can't find it for some reason. A link would be appreciated!!

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    Still doing search queries this unsuccessfully. Tried terminator captain dark angels redemption wip aor. No luck.

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    Found it. Turns out it was actually a Dark Son.

    For anyone who wants to take a look at an awesome split-scheme terminator.

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    Cool, glad you found it.
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    Glad you like it buddy!

    I'll actually take some new pictures of him in the next few days.
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