Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that the Feast of Blades Premium swag bag has been put up for sale! They have been selling very fast this year and will very likely sell out like they did last year. This year you get roughly $200 in value for $80 in cost! Here is a listing of what you can look forward to in this years swag bag.

1. KR Multi-case backpack
2. Custom FOB Template set
3. Custom FOB objective markers
4. Premium 'self locking,' Tape measure
5. Imperial Attire shirt
6. Privateer Press Poster
7. Iron Arena Templates
8. 10x Feast of Blades D6's
9. Feast of Blades patch
10. Misc. marker sets (greenman designs)
11. "arms length," raffle tickets
12. FOB tac templates
13. Special gaming surprise
14. MORE goodies as they come in!