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    Looks really awesome. I've used vallejo reds quite a bit and they always seem to work really well for me.

    I agree with Maenas on the legs being the best nmm, as I think you pushed the shadows a bit darker there. Were you going for a fairly mid-tone style across the mini?

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    Cheers TheLost. Foxtail I wouldn't say it was my aim, it's just I find nmm hard to do haha! I think the legs were easier to achieve a nicer look with due to the straight edges etc. Gotta keep practicing. Thanks though mate

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    So here are the girls in all their glory. Really enjoyable to paint, lots of character (as always) with the Malifaux range. Quite happy overall how they came out.

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    Even more beautiful when they are together! Great work Sigmar ^^
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    I agree a very high standard upon very "small" models!!! Blending is especially top gun material!!!

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    beautifully done. May I ask what colors you used to paint the blue cloth on the third girl farthest from the right?

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    Thanks guys, I really do appreciate the nice comments. Feanorthenoldor I mainly use GW paints overall and to be honest I still struggle to remember the new names for them...I still say things like Goblin Green and Ultramarine Blue etc! However I've had a little look and I used (shade to highlight) mainly Kantor Blue, Altdorf Guard Blue, Fenrisian Grey and then pure white mixed in. Could even be a little Temple Guard Blue in their. I painted her quite a while ago haha.

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    These are lovely, great vibrant colour pallete and super smooth finish. Thanks for sharing these

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    Flipped through your work on the Malifaux minis, fantastic detail! These look crazy fiddly.

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    I haven't been totally idle! Using the new mini holder I got from a Kickstarter I backed (seen some other people using them, I'm liking it so far). Painting a model I got from another Kickstarter. The first Raging Heroes one. Early days, just having fun really.

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    Cool. i like the black stripes on the shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigmar3 View Post
    So here are the girls in all their glory. Really enjoyable to paint, lots of character (as always) with the Malifaux range. Quite happy overall how they came out.

    these look great, completely agree with your comment on the malifaux minis having character. I'm working on a ressers crew at the mo, and am finding the painting great fun, due to the how nice the minis are

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    Hi guys. I recently got my copy of Kingdom Death from the Kickstarter and I'm about to start painting the Survivors. For once I think I might actually buy a flesh paint set, so for those who have them any reviews or info would be appreciated. I'm thinking of either the Vallejo ain't set or the Scale 75 one.

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    Weird. Whenever I try to upload a photo, linked from Photobucket like normal, I get the following message:

    "Forbidden. Message seems to be spam"

    Anything changed around here or anyone having the same problems??

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    I’ve had that once trying to load a photo to thread, I just logged out and back in and it worked ??? Not sure what it was all about???

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    The starting survivors ready to go, more or less. Looking forward to painting these!

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    Skin tone?! No no no. Those can be easily avoided with massive amounts of OSL and shadow! They all carry lanterns!
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