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    Right so I'm starting this wip for a few reasons. To get some feedback from some of the great painters around this site and to try and force myself back into the swing of things really. I haven't really painted now for a good year and this might, in a way, pressure me to get going again!

    And obviously you never stop learning so all tips and critiques welcome.

    To start with, as well as the Spacemarine sergeant in my previous wip thread, I was midway through this when I stopped. I've always loved this model, and even painted it when it first came out and I was a young lad (which I still have and could possibly post here too as a the shame if I haven't actually improved that much ha).

    This is very much a wip, I can see a lot of things I would like to improve and I'm really not happy with the nmm on the grail, especially around the back. Difficult on a round object I found.
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