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    Right so I'm starting this wip for a few reasons. To get some feedback from some of the great painters around this site and to try and force myself back into the swing of things really. I haven't really painted now for a good year and this might, in a way, pressure me to get going again!

    And obviously you never stop learning so all tips and critiques welcome.

    To start with, as well as the Spacemarine sergeant in my previous wip thread, I was midway through this when I stopped. I've always loved this model, and even painted it when it first came out and I was a young lad (which I still have and could possibly post here too as a the shame if I haven't actually improved that much ha).

    This is very much a wip, I can see a lot of things I would like to improve and I'm really not happy with the nmm on the grail, especially around the back. Difficult on a round object I found.
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    I cant wait to watch as you progress. This is a cool piece. I love dark rich reds, you might want to push the shadows a bit more as there are a few light spots that stand out to me (right rear foot, lower plate on the butt pad and around the shoulder pad).
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    Really? I like the NMM Gold. The brightest points could be sharpened up a bit, but the contrast is nice and if you make a few glazes from your mid tones you can smooth out the transitions a bit more if it's really bugging you. That is a good clean paint job and i really like your style and color choices. Looking forward to more.
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    I definitely want to sharpen up the edges of the armour, they look too soft and roundish to me at the moment. I've always had a bit of a problem with red.. generally the whole 'too pink or orange' thing when I highlight, so I'll work on that.

    Just for fun (and possible humiliation) this is my first attempt, I'm not even sure how long ago. When did this figure get released? 15 years ago maybe? I loved the model then, still do now. Just hoping I can do him a bit more justice this time round!

    And yes, the backpack fell off.
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    That's a huge change from one attempt to the next. For the highest red tones try using a light brown or a skin tone and then a very watered down glaze of your red to knock it back if it gets too brown or flesh like. That should help with the pink/orange struggle.
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    Nice and clean good job. Interesting to compare new and old figures!


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    IJust recently on the Studio McVey forum, BigChief provided the folowing liks where Mike McVey walks through a mini and his technique of using inks to finish out red armor. I found it very interesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigchief' post='21846
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    Thanks Krulebear, I'll check that out and hopefully get some painting done tonight. You can't go wrong with the McVeys

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    Damn that McVey guy.... He was a bastard at painting 20 years ago and still is a demon at it.
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    Yep, Mike knows how to slap that paint on!

    Sigmar3 - I like the dark blue/black outlining on the whites, real old school which I love
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    Right, as I said, I'm slowly getting back into the habit lol. Sorry it's been a while (for anyone who's interested!). I restarted the grail Corbulo is holding and it's giving me a bit of a headache at the moment so I started something else for a change. Njal Stormcaller, who I've had for a while. He was all stuck together (shouldn't have done that by the way, bit annoying to get round the staff). This is as far as I've got.
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    Only thing I'm worried about is that the colours on the fur and armour will be similar when he's finished. I kind of went down the route of thinking that his clock should be a more 'arctic' style wolf but might have to change this if it seems to samey. Still early days though so far

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    Try tinting it with a few glazes of greens and browns and yellows, maybe even some blue to deepen the brown. The high contrast you have now would show through nicely. Wait until you finish the armour though to see what colours will work best. Looking good so far.
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    Time flies by doesn't it? The whole point of me starting this wip was to keep me painting...then I don't update anything for months! I promise I have been busy(ish), just haven't been taking as many photos as I should. Also in my defence, one model I have completed is a gift for someone, so can't ruin the surprise by posting pics lol.

    However if anyone is interested I will put some pics up very soon. Also I somehow managed to get third place in the recent competition Wamp ran for Malifaux, with my Seamus The Mad Hatter, so I can get that up here too. Bit of a proud moment, sob!

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    Congrats on the comp...and of course we want to see the minis!

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    yeah, what mr Bear said, congrats for getting third
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    Ok this was my entry into Wamps recent Malifaux comp, I've added it to my gallery too so any feed back is welcome. I would really like to start to taking pics with black backgrounds as they seem to show off minis better, so I may start updating my gallery with new photos in that sense.
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    This is what I'm working on a the moment. It's a challenge as I'm not great at painting skin so I thought this would be a great test, plus he looks very cool. Early days so far, feed back welcome as always.
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    Done a bit more on Big Seamus and I'm relatively happy with the skin, bit more to do. I'm happy I'm improving (slowly) but have a lot more to learn.

    I have also (because I had a bit of spare time off work due to a footballing injury. No late World Cup call up for me!) started work on my prize from Wamp Malifaux comp. They are a lot smaller than I'm use to, and it's suprising how detailed they are. They look really good. Any feed back on Seamus welcome
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    Looking good and the skin color is coming along.

    From the current photo it appears the intensity of the colors are the same from to to bottom. In most cases our brains tell us a color should be brighter toward the top from more light hitting it. For example the right bicep is nicely highlighted, but it is brighter that the trapezoid muscles at the back of the neck which would likely be seeing more illumination.

    It may also be worth trying to add some color to the bulging vein on the arm...then glaze over it with the skin color to make it look like it is really below the skin.

    I have Seamus, now i guess i should get this big Mr. Hyde version.

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