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    One of the good things about this set is you can switch between the goblins and squigs for a quick change if you feel like it. So here's a little update on the squigs.

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    Yes very neat and crisp

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    Great work! Loving the progress on the gitz and the squigs are really Cool! I love the orange and how it's looking with the purple gums.

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    Awesome squigs, the purple gives them nice catchy contrast

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    Nice doggies!!!

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    Yes another Zarbag band

    These will be great!
    Love the clean look on the archers and the squigs. AAAAAAAnd also on the old squigs The blue one looks great but I like the orange one best. I find it great when people show off some of their old stuff and to see all that progress that was achieved over years. Keep it up

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    Hey guys, anyone around here backing the 'Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum' Kickstarter? I thought it looked pretty good

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    Yeah, I was thinking of backing it. Just not sure what I want though
    err, change that. I was thinking of a different one (Cult of the Demon Lord)
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    Thanks for making me aware of it. Looks like an awesome kit. Amazing painting by the way Sigmar. I’m blown away by what you can do, simply incredible!

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    The more I see of these goblins and critters, makes me want to take a crack at 'em myself. Envious of your smoothness of blend! Keep it going!

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    So I'm trying to be a bit more efficient now, and finishing some gobbos instead of flitting around doing a bit here and a bit there. These archers are done, as are the squigs.

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    Squigs. That is all.

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    Great work on those archers and I love the squigs

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    I haven’t seen anyone’s version of these I haven’t liked these are easy metal winners.

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    Nice painting on the grot dudes and squiggly beasts. Nice smooth painting

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