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    Very nice paintjob on these Sigmar!
    Keeping traditional colour coding can look nice - you've proven it!

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    These look gorgeous, love the cartoon-ish effect! It's like they are part of a children's cartoon. One of those that air at 10pm.

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    I really like these! They're bright and fun.

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    Crisp clean ...and no caffien!!!!!

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    Awesome job! My favorite detail is the crisp highlighting on the teeth and gums of the squigs.

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    Thanks very much guys, Gorb that's excellent ha. I wish that was a real tv show!

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    Just as an update guys, and it may help others, I haven't been able to post for about a week and a half. Not sure what happened, but every time I tried to post something I'd get a -forbidden- message come up and block me.

    I'm not sure whether it's sorted itself out or one of the Mods has intervened (Dragonsreach was very kind btw) but the only thing I can think of is that someone in the Bugs/Problems forum mentioned a similar sounding problem, and they were possibly white listed by a spam service being a bit strict with them suddenly.

    So just to say, if anyone else gets this it's well annoying but it's worth messaging one of the Mods and asking for help or advice.

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    I was blacklisted, too, wrote a request, sent in a screenshot about the issue, and it was fixed within a week.

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    I agree with others that the group shot of these minis is excellent! There is a lot to be proud of in these minis as well. The metals look great and the painting is really clean. This is a job well done and I look forward to seeing what is next on your painting table

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    I really like your take on Zarbag's Gitz, especially like the color choices for the squiqs and the gobbo's clothing!

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    Again, thanks guys. Really appreciate the comments. Just trying to finish off this little lady before starting something new.

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    Nice work on the skin tones. The photo is a bit blurry, but the bone looks great too, nice contrast.

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    Really like the skin tones! Great job!

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    Kind of jumping around at the moment, thought I've have a go at this Xarssis Harpy Queen by Raging Heroes. Again, it's an excellent piece but a bit suspect quality-wise. I also jumped the gun and didn't do all the clean up I should've done, plus cut off her talons on one foot accidently. So that's annoying. Still, enjoying it so far

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    That KD figure looks really good! I really like the base skin of the TGG figure as well so far, too bad about the talons.

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