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    Fooool , fooool , I SEE NO FOOL HERE!!!!! Great job on a fun session back then as well!!!!

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    Haha cheers Bam. I reckon these are at least 15+ years ago. Can't believe it!

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    That little blue monster is great!

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    Ok had a bit of a disappointing day painting, used a dark wash to shade the goblins but kinda lost a lot of the blue from the robes and got quite a shine on them too. So I did a little bit of work on them then moved onto the squigs, just for a change. Love the squigs, very early so far. Want them a lot paler than the GW versions

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    The Gobs look really good in the above picture! Hope it isn't too difficult to fix the wash issue. Ohh, you painting albino squiqs?

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    Agreed with Saint Toad! Your "legacy" blue Squig is still wonderful to look at!

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    As you can see the cloaks have darkened down a lot, so I'll either rehighlight as they are, or redo the whole blue thing again. Skin and other little bits being done at the minute

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    Very nice, looking really cool... it’s great seeing others progressing with these guys while painting my own version.

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    I really liked the blue tone of their outfits you had previously

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    Extremely well done job. way to go. As for the change in color I don’t feel it’s that far off.

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    Clean and sharp
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Maybe it's the lighting but I liked more the blue robes, but it's a great job overall!

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    Yeah I agree, I preferred how they were, and I've got back to that almost. These guys are almost finished now, really fun to paint

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    These little gobbos look great! Very nice work on the robes which I imagine are hard to get right. I wouldn't mind seeing some updates on those Squiq in the near future

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    Nice clean work. These will look cool on the table.

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    I really like these! That bit of blue you have brought back really stands out on them.

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    Really appreciate the nice comments guys, thanks a lot

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    Yeah the robes are great with those blue highlights... looking really good.

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