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    Excellent work man, she looks magnificent.

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    Hey there, I haven't been idle (mostly) but slowly painting up the Phoenix from Kingdom Death. It's a sort of present too, the theme being that the colour scheme is similar to my partner's parrot. Anyway I'm doing this as well as moving into my first home, so loads on the agenda haha.
    More pics to follow

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    That looks really nice so far, I just hope your significant other's parrot doesn't have all those tiny hands growing off of it and it is just the coloration! I would say painting is great, but I don't know why you painted that Photobucket logo on it, it kind of takes away from your pretty paint job (but it is cool how you got it so that it shows from every angle)!

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    Cheers Eki, ah is the photobucket watermark or whatever it's called on it? Doesn't show up on mine, also since photobucket introduced their new pricing stuff in not sure what I'm doing lol. Last time I logged on it I was under the threshold for hosting images. Might have to start using something else. Any suggestions?

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    i see no water mark, but it reminded me to delete my photobucket account, bloody bloodsuckers! anyway, cool miniature

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    Cheers Skelette, I've changed the hosting site now so hopefully everything is ok now. Yeah I was pretty miffed with photobucket

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    This is where I am at the moment

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    What a beast!!!
    I like the yellow/green combination. The parrot was a good "template" :-D

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    Look a lot better without that pesky watermark on them, yeah it was going right across the middle left side in all the photos before you switched over the host. Really nice job with that yellow and green!

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    Gorgeous matey gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

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    Such a peculiar sculpt...great color choices!

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