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    good sigmar, that turned out nice. really like how the spots of colour in the face contrast with muted tones of the rest of it. works well

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    Started this a while ago and thought I'd finish it to get it out the back of my mind ha. Not too bad, I'm happy with it considering it was more a fun practice kinda piece. Lookout Lucy I think is her name, from Raging Hereos.

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    Frankly bud!!! I think it’s one of the better models you’ve done. This looks so good that I’m gonna go order me up her and paint it. Yes you’ve become my muse ... awesome their is no higher honor than another artist delivering such an impact on another where as one wants to emulate the amazing job of the other.

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    Cool. One of the better painted versions I have seen of this mini.

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    Nice mini and an excellent paint job!
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    Thanks guys, BAM cheers I'd love to see you go to town on a version of her ha. Likewise your work on all the Nurgle stuff has me pining for some of them too lol

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    Finesse work as always Sigmar!
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    Great work! the eyes are really nice, too often I see giant eyes !

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    great job sigmar, looks great.
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    Thanks again guys. Canny, cheers I'm not great at eyes in general, and I think she looks a bit...sleepy ha, but I'm happy this time. So tiny

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    Cracking work Sig. You’ve nailed the style you’ve chosen to paint her in to the ground. Awesome stuff

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    Very very nice job on Lucy... this looks really good.. and for some reason I like the eyes, it’s kinda like she is squinting!!! Very cool

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    Painting another Raging Heroes heroine. The model is a strange one as I really love the pose and general model but the cast isn't really the best. However, I'm going to paint it anyway for the hell of it, bit of a fun no thinking, no stress kinda thing. Plus painting something is better than painting nothing. So yeah it's a bit rough and ready...and a hand replacement must be found too lol.

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    Excellent figure to paint. Off to a marvelous start matey. Curious to see the hand swap

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    Cheers BAM, the hand swap is out of necessity rather than imagination lol. The model was stepped on (accidently), it broke off and disappeared never to be seen again.

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    you made a really nice start on this. I like the colour scheme
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigmar3 View Post
    Cheers BAM, the hand swap is out of necessity rather than imagination lol. The model was stepped on (accidently), it broke off and disappeared never to be seen again.
    LOL. This made me laugh.

    I have backed the last two Raging Heroes Kickstarters and have to say their quality has been extremely erratic on the last one and I probably won't back another one of their K?s's. It is a shame because they have some very interesting sculpts.

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    Yeah Krulebear same here. The artwork and renders were so nice, and all the creativity was great. But the quality was very hit and miss. But I do love the sculpted even though they seem like they will be hard to paint..... But I agree I'll think very hard about whether to back the third they have planned.

    Have you painted any yourself Krule??

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    Well.....if you note how fast I update my wip, I can say I haven't painted any. I believe I assembled a couple and base coated one...then got side tracked making terrain.

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    Little bit more work. Experimenting really, or not quite sure what I'm doing but still having fun ha.

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