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    Super nice job thus far!!!

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    Beautiful colours as always Sigmar.
    Which was your experiment? because at this stage it looks right :S
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    I suppose I'm trying to improve my nmm, and trying to do the 'glowing with power' energy staff. And not putting too much pressure on myself basically.

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    OH! I see, kind of in the same stage myself, I've been using my Arcadia Quest models to practice NMM a lot and OSL a bit. You can read and watch all the videos in the world, but if you do not try it you won't keep that info on your brain... at least in my case.
    Go go go!
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    Yeah Maenas you're quite right. I also occasionally get to that stage where things start becoming a bit of a slog, I'm a bit of a perfectionist (yes...i know it doesn't show haha) and if I don't think I'm doing as good as I should I start to get a bit annoyed with myself. So sometimes I think you should sit back and paint something and not put pressure on yourself to make it 'the best you can do' ...if that makes sense.

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    Just recently started this little lady, I've been totally bitten by the Kingdom Death bug. I feel this will be another great exercise in painting skin tones!

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    looks like a great model for skin tone practice.
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    Great start on the skin tone, is she going to be quite pale skinned? I really like this figure, may need to get a copy, think I would have to modify it a bit and take those hair things off though???

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    Yeah CC I want quite a pale skin at the end more or less. I built the model a long time ago and now kinda wish I'd left the hair off while painting the rest, they are a bit of a pain to get round lol

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    Just getting the base colours down at the moment

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    Working relatively fast on this on

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    cool stuff, shes coming on really nicely. i like main flesh tone to you are using
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    Those things held at the end of her hair tips... are they lamps? and if so.. have you planned doing OSL on them?
    Skin looks super clean and smooth now.
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    Maenas yeah they are lamps but tbh I probably won't do osl or at least not a lot. 1) I ain't much good at it ha, 2) I wanted to concentrate on improving my skin painting generally so I forgot about osl mostly. But I might do a bit.

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    Wow the skin on that is awesome!

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    Finished the 'Leather Queen' and I'll get some pics done of her. Started one of the Intimacy Couple models now. Just messing about with the beige colours at the moment.

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    Little bit more work done, still looking quite rough though

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    the leather queen skin tone look really cool !
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