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    I also like the clean job you did. Really great table standard!
    Love the purple on the bases. Adds that nice cave feeling to them. When you pull that style through the whole band it will look really great. Already excited for Zarbag

    Have not even assembled the rest of my band -.- ^^

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    The squigs look very good. Echoing CyAniDe... the purple piece on the bases looks great!

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    The squig looks great!
    I like the color you paint on squig's teeth.
    This is my gallery

    Really thx for your votes&comments!

    And this is my WIP

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    Little bit done

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    These little gitz are looking great! Loving the squigs too, dupe tidy work.

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    I am with BAM on these. I have yet to see a bad version of these minis and yours look great

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    The Squig’s look awesome mate... and I really like the heat effect you have done on that brand for the mushroom cooking guy, great work.

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    It looks much more impressive than before. A bit more polished will make them better. I think so.

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    Love your work Sigmar3, these guys all look like a unit, and a very nicely done one at that!
    The shading you've got going there looks very nice.

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    Nice to see more Gobbos, Sigmar and this one is a great sculpt. I really like the coals on the back and I'm looking forward to seeing more progress on this guy!

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    Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate them. Progress on the fanatic now

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    LOL, I never noticed that the spiked ball was crushing something...the blood is a good choice!

    Looks great! Keep it coming!

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    Lol I too loved the crushed gobbo!!!

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    Perfect blood effect! Nice idea.

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    Almost finished the whole set. I used a colour shift metal paint on the cauldren, just to experiment a bit. Doesn't show up well on this photo, but they are interesting paints and I'm.sure there s some amazing ways to use them.

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    The metalwork on that fanatic looks great and I agree that the comedic value of the mini is top-notch. Always nice to see the next mini you're working on, Sigmar! These are going to be a great looking squad when they're done.

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    So Zarbag is basically done, little tiny bits and pieces to finish here and there among the crew but more or less they're finished! Photos will have to be taken!

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    We're both working on the same thing :-)
    And are close to the finish lane. Good job!

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    So many folks have done this set. Each and everyone is amazing. This included.

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    So I'm calling them done. Great set to paint, I can see why they are so popular

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