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    Default Mortarion's Big Box of Bones Battle!

    So I thought I'd start a bit of a Plog to keep track and help motivate me to keep working on my Bones KS stuff. I ended up with just shy of 300 mini's out of the KS so I've got a fair bit of painting to do to justify what I paid into it! The idea (hopefully it is to help me improve my painting, especially of things not Space Marine related, so comment, criticisms, recommendations and such are greatly appreciated! Anyway, onto pics, I started with the Fire Giantess, I decided to stick with the description given in the Monster Manual so skin like coal and hair like flame. I'm not 100% happy with the hair but it seems like as good a start as any, I may go back and redo it at some point. I'm also annoyed that I missed that MASSIVE! mold line in her hair until I was painting her:

    Slightly closer up picture:

    and I tried Photoshopping the backrop, not sure if it makes much of a difference, what do you think?

    And here's the current WIPS on my "desk" (laptop tray until we move house and I can get my own man-cave):

    All still relatively early but they're getting there

    Should get a chance to work on more tomorrow but C&C welcome as ever!

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    I definitely give you credit for tackling some of the larger figures out of the gate. I've avoided them so far, despite the desire to paint me some giants!
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    More bones madness. Lol . Nice to see a wip dedicated to the bones. For the hair maybe a couple highpoints of the bright orange like you used in the center of the gems to help it pop.

    I assume you noticed the mold line in the hair .

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    I like that first mini, bump the highlights a bit more like Krule said to help define it more. Also, that cloud giant looks like a fun one to paint. lots of glazes of over white no doubt.
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    Thanks guys!

    @TrystanGTS: I figured it would be the best way to start myself going, especially as its one of my favourite models. I was torn between going her or the Pathfinder Red Dragon first but settled on her in the end as I'd like to improve a bit before I tackle the dragons. Plus Bones seems easy enough to strip with a bit of Fairy Power Spray so if I look at her towards the end of the journey and think "christ she's awful" I can just strip and repaint her!

    @Krulebear: Thats a good idea, I'll give it a go when I get home, see if it brightens it up any, I think that is the main issue I have with the hair that its so dark, probably my fault for starting with GW Rhinox Hide and lightening it up with the orange. Aand yes, but only once I'd started painting her, if I decide to redo the hair completely I'll take a knife to it before I start.

    @Zab: Yeah, thats the idea anyway, I'm going to respray her though as I'm not happy with the glazes so far, think I've put them on a bit too thick. She is a very nice model though, and one of the more sturdy bones as there's very little that can actually bend on her.

    Relatively small update today, didn't manage to get much done last night so brought the paladin to work to do a bit on lunch. He's the first Bones I've noticed to have the missing-nose-itis syndrome which is apparently common of them. Luckily its not so bad as he still has a bit of a nub for a nose that kinda adds to the Planetouched look I think.

    Spent most of my time copying the design onto his shield, its slightly lopsided but given it's size I can live with that for now. I also copied part of the design onto his face as a tattoo which went better than I expected. Initially it was done with a mix of 50/50 Dwarf Flesh/Shadow Gray and then touched up with pure Shadow Gray. I did his eyes too but they don't show so well on the picture, I wanted them to look slightly glowy but not too much so did a base of Mephiston Red then Fiery Orange leaving some of the red showing, then a dot of Ceramite White again leaving some of the orange showing, maybe when hes done and I get a shot in the lightbox it will show up better.

    I've started doing the highlights on the armour as well, basecoated Leadbealcher, then first highlight Boltgun Metal and then Mithril Silver to edges.

    And the original design for the shield

    Well that's all for now. If life doesn't conspire against me I hope to get the Tiefling finished tonight.

    C&C as always!

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    Nice work! I like the way the skin tone and eyes work on the Fire Giantess. I'm also digging the armor on the planetouched dude.

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    Thanks, I tried to get as close to the Monster Manual description as possible with them. And for a first attempt at dark skin (fleshtones being my bane anyway) I'm pretty happy with how it came out! The armour has turned out really well, alot better than I expected it to, which is always a nice surprise!

    Finished off the Planetouched today, although after I snapper some shots I noticed I've missed a couple of little details like the buckles on his bracer but I can quickly fix that when I get home before I give him a blast of purity seal.

    And a close up of the face with tattoo

    Overall I'm relatively happy with how he's come out. and I feel I'm getting back into the painting groove somewhat (I've not really picked up a brush since christmas!) obviously I still have a lot to improve on but its a start.

    So, 2/287 Bones painted.

    C&C welcome as always!

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