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    Nice work and i like the base...so the only answer is to paint up three more of this guys to make the base look smaller. Lol

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    Very tempting KruleBear but I'm pretty sure that would warrant a week on the sofa from 'she who must be obeyed' My solution is not to far from your suggestion however. The base has a largish void just behind the waterfall. My idea is to carve out a little grotto, add some stalactites/ stalagmites, water effect pools and 3 little dwarven miners from Scribor, one of whom has a torch so it gives me the opportunity to try some OSL!

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    I've also done a little more to him and if i'm honest (apart from the rock he's standing on) I think I'm pretty much done. I'm really worried I'll end up over doing him and I'm pretty happy with where he's at right now.
    any thoughts?
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    Here's also another angle of the base and my first attempt at some jungle foliage. The plant has been coated in GW ardcoat to hopefully give it that waxy appearance tropical plants have (it's a bugger to photograph though)

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    i know i sound boring but you should really fix that mouldline on the horn... little effort huge success otherwise, colorful happiness! good start with the base too.
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    I think this scene could actually work out very well. The trick will be to make sure that, since the dragondude is brightly green and blue, have the foliage and rocks etc a more subdued red-hued set of colours. That way he'll stand out by dint of colour contrast. Maybe it could be a fantasy/alien setting where the vegetation is all red, or maybe he's in a dry, deserty kind of place (red sand rather than yellow) or, y'know, whatever. Anyway - it's looking very nice, but if the surrounding area is all green, he's going to be hard to spot in there. This may be highly effective for him as a predator, but nae good if he's the focal point of a diorama
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    I like it alot and i think it is very impressive. I wish my first mini would have looked like that.

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    I like your thinking for expanding the base.

    And i understand the wrath of "she who must be obeyed"....recent conversation,"When are you going to stop buying all these silly toys that you never paint?"... Umm, honey those boxes labeled Kickstarter that will be arriving regularly over the next year are not toys they are investment opportunities for the KruleBear cub. Lol.

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    Ah SkelettetS I know your right about the mold-line but i'm terrified that if I strip the horn I won't be able to redo it to the same standard! I've also been looking at the right hand and I'll give that a going over as well (not a lot of details in that area to paint surprisingly) I'm also in two minds about the axe blade. I personally think its the least successful part of the mini (although I do like the rust) what I'm debating at the moment is repainting it bronze, like the handle. I really like how that turned out and I think it may look quite striking on the blade as well

    @me-in-japan the Alien jungle is definitely not something I'd thought of. I guess I was just thinking more along the lines of jungle = bright green and not so much about focal points and contrasting colours. More to think about and yet another example of why I am really glad a started a WIP on here (also after writing 'nae good' I now read all your posts in a Scottish accent!)

    @Nsolver Thanks mate. Your demon prince is ace (voted sorry it's late!) and you've made a really good start on the sorcerer. Some of the goodies in your cabinet look cool as well. Do you have photos of the knight and the Griffin altar thingy?

    @KBear to be fair my misses has actually been pretty understanding so far AND she only laughed solidly for about 20 mins when I wore my new magnifying glasses painting hat. Considering I look like prize bellend I was pretty happy with that. What kickstarter did you go in for?

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    Lol. My wife is generally understanding, unless junior is misbehaving and she is lacking sleep. I have backed two Relics (TOR Gaming) campaigns as i like what they are trying to do, but they are more gaming level than display level minis. Sedition Wars, Reaper Bones, Blackwater Gulch, Wild West Exodus, Fractured Dimensions, Happy Seppuku, Through the Breach, Dwarven Forge, two RedBox Games, and Toughest Girls in The Galaxy. And i am sure i am missing a couple. A good mix of dispay level and gaming. Although it does look like i have a problem when i list them all out!

    Once i am more confident in my abilities, i will getsome of those Mierce (and Ax Faction) minis.

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    Ahm a Glasgae lad, born'n raised. Didnae come oot here 'till ah wiz twen'y four, bu' ah've bin here aboot ten years noo, sae mah accen's kinda faded, like.

    Which is probably a good thing, since I am technically an English teacher

    ps@ Kbear - ye gads, man! And I've been feeling guilty for the SedWars, Bones, Imbrian Arts and Toughest Girls KSs I backed. I got nothin' on you, mate...
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    @KBear that's a serious amount of miniatures! Your man-cave is going to get pretty crowded over the coming months me thinks

    @me-in-japan Brilliant, so if I ever bump into a bunch of Japanese tourists in London sporting accents from Trainspotting, I'll know their some of yours

    Well i've not got that much done over the course of the last week on the big fella but I have managed a small amount of progress on the base. The cavern will have 1 dwarf with flaming torch and 1 miner with pickaxe. The main components are there now I just need to add and paint rubble, water effect, bio-luminescent plants (for secondary light source) dwarves and the subterranean elven ruins!

    Having a go at the OSL on one of the statues. No idea what i'm doing! thoughts?


    Name:  WIP 21.jpeg
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    And 2 angles of the cavern. I Stalagmites/tites are rough and need more work
    Name:  WIP 20.jpeg
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    that base is going to look amazing when it's finished. don't let the colours on the base drown the minis though. if you do that it will look incredible.

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    Those statues are going to look awesome. Where are they from?

    Sad news, i am losing 5 feet of my mancave to Make a bathroom handicap accessible for the mother in law. So instead of a gaming room, i will now have a gaming walk in closet ;(

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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

    @meaty (can't bring myself to type meaty_nosebleeds. strangely nauseating) I still trying to workout the base colour really. The cavern will be mostly muted purples and blues, with orange light from the torch. As for the surface. The rock cliff will be orangy red and I'm thinking of dark green for the foliage (so the Dragon man stands out) Hopefully this will produce enough contrast and help the characters pop

    @KBear The statues are from Scibor http://sciborminiatures.com/ He does loads of really nice resin miniatures (including the dwarven miners that will be in the base) A mancloset!!!! I wish I had that. I'm currently working on the dinning room table (much to my wife's disgust)

    Here's a slightly less contrasty photo of the elven statue. Other than the OSL I've used GW Leviathan purple wash mixed in with vallejo matallic black. The idea being the metallic will give the statue an iridescent sheen that will give the impression it is made from a strange material rather than just rock. I've also worked a little more on the blends. Still need to punch up the contrast I think but I'm pretty happy with how it's going so far. Any thoughts would be gladly appreciated
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    great work on the statue, it looks really cool!
    you may want to smooth the blending on some of the OSL areas could be smoothed, like on the chin and the throat guard, and highlight slightly the dirt area under the cheek/jaw guards. it feels slightly off to my eyes.

    as for the base, those colours sound good. you can also desaturate the green a tiny bit by adding a drop of red in as well. the rocks will be very wet from the waterfall, so consider what that will do to the colours of the rocks, hey may not be as bright as you think. play around and see what works best for you.

    as for my name... i have had a lot of different reactions to it. it's a bit of a private joke/innuendo. just typing meaty is fine, or if it really disturbs you, call me by my real name: Claire

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    Thanks meaty. The OSL is still very much a work in progress at the mo. I will be going over the whole thing with a number of glazes, washes, refining the blends and adding extra highlights. I also have to change the focus of the OSL on the statue as, after building a slight walkway in the cavern, my dwarf is now slightly higher than he was.....rats!

    Just joking about the name. I'm really nowhere near that fragile

    Wee update on the base. The dwarfs are here and primed. I've put them in situ to get an idea of where the light will fall (hence the change in torch focal point) I'm pretty happy with the overall effect so far.

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    I am liking where this is going. Something to think about is what you expect to pop out a the big item in the diorama and then how to direct the viewers eye to other treats in the diorama. Something like th eye going to the lizardman first and something in the terrain (like a streak of moss or running water) directing the attention to the figs in the cave.

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    Dang it! I hadn't even considered the eye focal points. Thanks for pointing it out KBear. looks like I may have to do a little more planning

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    It is easy to be an arm chair quarterback..heaven knows i just wing my dioramas without thinking about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    It is easy to be an arm chair quarterback..heaven knows i just wing my dioramas without thinking about it.
    i admit i am a big one as well. giving people loads of advice with only a tiny WIP thread to showfor it...
    anyway, KruleBear's point is right. think about how you want the eye to travel and where. with a diroama as big and complex as yours you can take the eye on a virtual adventure. the more the eye travels around the piece, the more interested it becomes, and you can use this tactic to show off a hell of a lot of skills.
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    WIP thread

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    Yup, what they said. It's going to look really sweet when it's done, though. I've never tried a dio myself, but work like this makes me want to
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