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    Damn, that mini reminds me of the Dark Crystal.

    Brilliantly done, sir, brilliantly done.
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    Wow, he does look like the Skecksies (or however they are spelled) off the Dark Crystal
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    Yep I agree - Dark crystal. Good work so far
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    You are painting exactly the right mini, in my opinion. I am very excited to see what you, in particular, do with the Bonner troll.
    Where did you get that figure, Tim? It's awesome.

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    Blimey it’s been a while! I knew I’d not been on CMoN for a bit but I didn’t realise it had been 4 years! Good to still see some familiar faces as well as some new ones. A lot has gone on in the last 4 years and astonishingly some painting! Not a huge amount but some none the less.

    let me know what you think, critiques or improvements yOh think I could make. Old projects will remain as they are but insight into
    how to make them better is always invaluable. This year I really want to push my painting to the next level so any comments or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

    The Orc Shaman, Vampire and Wolfen are all finished. The rest are nearly finished and the latest project is the Space Wolf bust
    Attachment 81789Attachment 81790
    Attachment 81787Attachment 81788Attachment 81791Name:  0E18422A-5CEC-4081-B26A-C85488137300.jpeg
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    And Haakon Icethorn is done. Learnt a lot on this chap. Very different from what I normally do (orcs and Bonner inspired stuff) so i was pretty far from my comfort zone. I had 3 things I wanted to achieve with him. Higher contrast, a competent freehand (I hardly ever do freehands) and a green based gold NMM. Did I succeed? I’m not really sure to be honest! I’m happy with the freehand although I need more practiced. I think I nailed the contrast but I’m on the fence with regards to the Gold. Definitely something I’ll revisit on a future project though. Name:  9EFB9D53-4BBD-4213-86DA-FA81CF67FAEA.jpg
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    Started on a figure today. Faolan the Haunted sculpted by Patrick Mason. Really cool little figure Name:  47280B2E-BBC3-4A21-B309-D03F365E2EDC.jpeg
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    Looking good! Nice skin and eyes. I like the "lighting" around his neck.

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    Really nice work on the bust! Those eyes look awesome

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    Thanks Ekipage and Tiki. I’m really happy with how the yes came out! Day 2, colour sketch so I can get a better idea of the overall contrast on the bust. Still lots to do Name:  D08B8B99-9785-4CFB-A9D3-A94D99D40524.jpeg
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    OMG i was writing a huge reply when suddenly i lost everything... to make it quick i was just saying that i am happy you decided to come back to forums and that 2 busts looks fantastic mate!
    Now i don't feel like re write it again, sorry...

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    Very nice, I like his eyes, and the skin looks suitably nasty.

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    Haha feel your pain Joce, I’ve done that sooooooo many times! (Mostly on here) thanks man I’m glad to be back, In truth I missed the CMoN community, everyone’s so nice here. Also social media is great, so much easier to communicate as it’s instantaneous but I always get way more Useful feedback and critique here. People just don’t give feedback on Facebook or Instagram.

    thanks Gorb, I’m really happy with how the skin and eyes turned out. The eyes where embarrassingly easy if im
    honest. The iris, pupil and light reflection are all sculpted so it was just a matter of filling in the blanks. Im
    not morally a fan of sculpted eyes but I love these ones!

    anyway Faolon is pretty much done. All he needs now is a base. Trying to workout what I do next?!

    Name:  447CEA62-CDBF-4950-9F48-7AFC56722CDB.jpeg
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    Incredible work on these eyes!

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    Thanks very much mate.

    Faolan is up in the Gallery http://www.coolminiornot.com/454760 and here on P&P for better photos and more angles https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/30060



    Name:  1C78758C-316A-42A1-9317-1A95B43689D3.jpeg
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    Great job on this! Going to vote on it now.

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    Thanks dude appreciated.

    Next up this little fella. Orc of the Behemoth

    this is the result after session 2. it’s starting to come together now (I hated him after the first session) and I’m feeling much better about him. I was concerting on the face today, trying to find the character.

    He’s still very much a WIP at this point and feedback is always welcome


    Name:  3D9CA794-8686-4BAF-BDC7-18FF11FE3AA2.jpeg
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    really like the colors you used for the skin on this one

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