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Thread: Tim's WIP's

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    Thats some fine modeling on your part Tim!!!!

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    This is absolutely outstanding. Outstanding in a thread of other outstanding achievements so.. yeah.. pretty outstanding haha..
    Love the book and the attention to detail. I absolutely love the addition of the extra pages and the spells.. stuff like that really just takes it to a whole new level.. awesome man :-D

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    Really nice work on this latest piece and is going to be epic when completed!

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    I love the spell book, with the glimpse of the other spells in there, such great modelling. And the colors on the piece (both book and figures) are absolutely awesome.

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    You have painted some awesome minis the past few months. Your wolfen is one of the best takes I have seen on the mini.

    This troll is turning into something really special. But for me the realism of the bear is most impressive....of course the KruleBear may be biased. Lol.

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