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    Hi everyone!
    I've been a lurker recently but I couldn't help but share my latest creation.
    one of my favorite monsters, behold: the froghemoth!
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    Center Stage miniatures has picked it up for their Tome of Horrors Kickstarter and i couldn't be happier! My first "pro" sculpt!
    I hope you like this old school horror as much as I do, but even if you don't, I'd like to hear your thoughts and feedback.
    If anyone is interested in how i made froghy there is a solid WIP in the Reaper forums.
    - funnymouth
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    Very old skool, mate. Nice!

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    Old School, Monsters Inc ---- CLASSIC!

    Congratulations as well.
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    congratulations on your first pro sculpt, very well done with exceptional detail ! The only critique I have and its very small the joins of the tenticles have a slight dip to them, as thats the only critique very well done sir
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    Great result for a first sculpt, funny creature with many details.
    The joins will be hard to "mask" in some areas.


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    Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by wargamesculptor View Post
    The only critique I have and its very small the joins of the tenticles have a slight dip to them, as thats the only critique very well done sir
    just an illusion caused by how they have been temporarily attached I am afraid. The model was sculpted with the arms in place as a single piece and cut off with a very sharp blade along a natural contour (and socketed), so really they are perfectly flush.
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    Holy crap Funnymouth, that's really quite stellar!!

    I love it.

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    I love it but want to put one of those dog lampshade collars on and a sock on its back. maybe that's just me though.

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    Some cracking textures there fella!!

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    Wowsers! Really nice detail and texture work. The tentacles look like you had them in mind for keying, and I think it's great you're able to think professionally ahead as to what parts will be a problem.

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    thanks guys! i'm amazed it came out as well as i think it did.
    i really fussed over every detail, sculpting and re-sculpting. i guess when you put that much love in to a project it is hard to go wrong. it was a crazy learning experience and it has definitely given me the confidence to try out some more stuff. i discovered that i like to sculpt, which was a revelation.
    i want to paint it soooooooooooo bad, lol. must resist....

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    Congrats on a lovely sculpt. The skin texture and bumps are very nice.

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