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Thread: What makes a good Zombiecide Demo

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    Default What makes a good Zombiecide Demo

    Last week I ran a Demo for Zombiecide. It was a blast. Over the time we played I handed out bits of beef jerky as prizes for good roll's and heroic attempts (some successful) to save party members.

    So what do you think can be done to make a good Zombiecide demo? Prizes? Sound tracks? Actually on that note what kind of music would you play at this kind of demo?


    Carl "Nomad" Smith

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    I'd suggest some foreboding instrumental music, like the soundtrack to "28 Days Later", to really set the tone but not distract the players.

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    Knowledgable and enthusiastic players make the game look good.

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    I have run a number of games at conventions.
    The first thing that grabs people is the look of the game. Now with board games, as opposed to war games, that is a bit harder. One trick I used was a set of stand up holders from Staples holding a letter sized "poster" about the game. Painted figures really help where applicable.
    Second, guide the game, don't control the game. If you control it most players will become passive and do little more than role dice. Their entusiasm will infect by-standers.
    Third, don't make the game about you and whatever cool custom things you did. I have seen GMs get distracted beasue they were answering a "how did you make/do that" question rather than working the game.
    Fourth, encourage and allow players to act outside the box. If the rules do not forbid it, then you can decide if their request is reasonable. To add drama, make them do a saving type roll first.
    Fifth, at a con know where and how much the game is selling for at the con. Get them to invest before the fever breaks!
    Sixth, the music idea is great. We do it at home. But at a con the noise level and electrical outlet access may be problematic.
    Seventh, be willing to hang around after the game to answer questions and make new friends!
    and most importantly....serve great snacks!

    I hope that helps.
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