The Jabberslythe; I feel cheated...
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Thread: The Jabberslythe; I feel cheated...

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    Red face The Jabberslythe; I feel cheated...

    First off, Hello Everyone. Was gone for awhile, glad to be back...

    Second, sorry for the weird posting time. I'm keeping weird hours lately...

    Third, my actual topic. I got the Jabberslythe this morning (or rather, yesterday morning now)
    thinking it would make a great Abyssal Terror. Then I opened the box...

    Ok, maybe I was being stupid, but when I see a creature named after the frickin
    Jabberwocky, I expected it to at least be the size of a Wyvern. It's not even the
    size of a Corpse Cart!

    Any idea what a Vampire Count's to do with a Jabberslythe?

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