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    Amazing, just took a stroll through your gallery, I'm gonna need some time to reassemble my mind...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    Looks amazing, Sproket. I think white would be a good choice. You could also do a pattern on top of the white. I'm been doing a bit of research on samurai armor for another project and here's a look at some of their armors. Notice the cords around the waist and some of the other details. You can certainly go with pure white, there are examples of that too. But, if you wanted to work in other colors on top of that you could. I'm not sure which would be better. Just something to consider...

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    I got to see some samurai armor up close when I was beginning this project and decided to chicken out of doing lots of extra detail. I'll leave the mind blowing freehands to you

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    I've painted the sash in a light cool grey as white was too bright against the rest of the colours. With the bulk of the painting done, I’ve finally glued Abalam’s head onto the bust so I can better work on the piece as a whole. There are lots of finishing touches to do, but the project feels like it’s moving onto the final stage!

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    Looking great. I think the grey was the right way to go. (vs white) Everything goes together very nicely.
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    Just another result of "EFFORTLESS MASTERY" David you make it look so easy....but we all know better....you my brother are a technical genius!!! Sheer brilliance !!!

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    He does look fabulous. I would be tempted - if I had your skill - to lighten the sash a little bit to lift it tonally away from the grey of the chestplate. But to be honest if I'd painted this I would a) be afraid to breathe on it lest I ruin it's awesomeness and b) completely lose my mind.

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    Looks great. It's a nice dirty white which fits the figure (I'm assuming most demons don't have regular access to laundry and bleach).

    Also, the texture you've got on the metals is fantastic. I'd love to see you post a step by step on how you do it (both the chest and the helmet crest).

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    Yup, you nailed that sash! Looks lovely as a whole, can't wait to see it finished!

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    Abalam is just about done - I just need to sort out a plinth.

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    Really lovely. I think I have a new favorite part every time I look at it. The green rope turned out great.

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    The oxidized armour is stunning, and adds to the whole piece
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    Really inspiring work. Definitely one I'll be saving for later reference and study!

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    Fantastic mix of fantasy and historical, you impress as usual sir.
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    Really like this one, and as Bailey mentioned before i would love to see a step by step on the metals.

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    I'll add my vote for an sbs if you have the time.

    The highlights on the green/blue rope make such a difference. Always a joy to visit here Sproket.
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    Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing.
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    Oh poo think I'll leave my space trooper bust at home no point bringing it to Salute with this coming they should just post you the prize and save you the train fare
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