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    I dub thee king of kings!!! Not the ork ...YOU...your a freaky mutant with super painting skills....the way you paint,your goals envisioned,and your understanding of this craft....unbelievable.

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    Really fantastic work, I love every part of this figure. By the way, since he's red and green I'm pretty sure painting him counts as Christmas business.

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    Yeah, quit slacking off. It looks like you've barely even begun to work on this guy. I thought you were retired now. You really should have more time to paint.

    Uh, my mind is blown. The quality of painting on the megaboss is jaw-dropping. All of it!

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    excellent Dave , absolutely brilliant
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    Brilliant painting, Dave!! Very inspiring!
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    Simply insane!
    I have painted the same with similar colors scheme... But far from being that nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sproket View Post
    I've slowed up a bit on account of pre-Christmas busyness and a pre-Christmas cold but I'm making a bit of progress.

    Attachment 54160Attachment 54161
    Yet another Slayer Sword winning model to be.
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    When I win the lotto I am going to be taking you on as my painting retainer
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    David fantastic work, need to go through your thread again to look for all insight into your painting style and try it someday on a GW subject.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    i knew you as a full time painter would be a bad idea, lol! looks badass oc!

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    I have no words, my jaw hurts from hitting floor.. Thank you for sharing.
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    Awe, glee, jealousy. Always filled with a weird mix of emotions from your pictures.

    Spent an evening the other day reading through all the posts on your blog. Inspiring stuff

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    Great addition to the shoulder guard there sprocket! Sublime painting. Did it come with the kit or is that something you've added yourself?
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    Thanks for the comments Guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyG View Post
    Great addition to the shoulder guard there sprocket! Sublime painting. Did it come with the kit or is that something you've added yourself?
    It comes with the kit. The outrageous skulls on the armour were a big part of what atracted me to this mini.

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    Quick update - although there's not too much progress to show.

    I had hoped to get a load of painting done over the holls but unfortunately I started to feel a bit rough in the week after Christmas and was very unwell over the New Year weekend with gastric flu. Thankfully I'm now on the mend although not quite up to painting anything yet.

    However before all my plans were so rudely interupted I'd made a start on the Megaboss' axe so he is getting very close to being finished and his base is primed (yes I said primed) and ready for painting.

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    Hmm.. bit of Gutrot, eh? How apt :P
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    Yeppers yessir still looks like it was painted by divine hands!!!

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    Wish you to get 100% healthy soon! This miniature is pure inspiration!
    Any reason behind you priming the base?
    Also, is the inside of the armour "collar" grey? will you paint if it is not or it's not worth it?
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    Maenas : I think it's supposed to be that way as that is where some of the darkest shadows would fall,it's basically a closed in ... a really closed in enveloped area,I see no light that would get there except for some ambient light which I think he's got in there a bit.think it looks amazing ...

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