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    lokking awsome, thanks for sharing this with us.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    I spent my weekend painting time making a few tweaks and adjustments to Chee-Chee and his base.
    I've reworked the cobbles a little so the front edge doesn't have that smooth dip that made the ground look like it was made out of rubber and I've put some primer onto the base so I can get a proper look at it's surfaces! I've also spent a bit of time refining the paint work on Chee-Chee. There's nothing too dramatic going on here. I've worked up some of the detail on the pipework and work some more red into the face. I might well put a little more work into the face to make it 'pop' as the mini comes to completion.

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    The base looks awesome. Good work.

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    The past week has seen some positive painting action and as a result I've managed to achieve significant progress on Chee-Chee. I've continued to make some (admittedly subtle) tweaks to the details but the major development has been in painting the fur.

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    Now Chee-Chee is close to being done I've started to add some of the finishing details.

    Name:  chee-chee drool2.jpg
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    Whoa... how did you do that drool? That's a nice touch!
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    Awesome dude! That's the muts nuts!
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    So very awesome! Cannot wait to see him finished on his base.

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    Thanks Guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elly3438 View Post
    Whoa... how did you do that drool? That's a nice touch!
    It's a very similar method to how I did the slime on my Hellion's whip.

    I cut each hair to size and glued it in place with a dot of PVA wood glue. That's the really fiddly bit!

    I then built up the drool with a 50/50 mix of GW and vallejo water effects mixed with a dot of ivory paint. It's just a matter of taking your time to build up the layers and letting each one dry before you add the next.

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    outstanding as usual sir.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I wanted Chee-Chee to be bloody handed and I decided to go for full on gore with a meaty bloody mess clinging to his fingers. Once again this method makes good use of water effects but this time I've also used UHU glue. I mixed the glue up with some blood coloured paint and then stretched out the resultant gloopy mess and let it set up a little. I pulled off small pieces and stretched them out further. This gave me translucent rubbery lumps and strips that I could combine with my blood mix to build up the gore.

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    interesting effect mate, the saliva works very well. the blood however, at this stage im not to sure of. to be a bit harsh it looks like mashed chilli fruits...
    painting cant be much better, and the base is perfect too.
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    I agree, from one angle it looks like blood and from another like a red ribbon.
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Hmm... Sounds like I haven't managed to pull off the effect I was going for!
    I was trying for something that looked more like strips and lumps of meaty gore rather than just blood but alas it's not coming across like that.
    I shall rework the blood. I think the problem is the ribbon like bits coming off either side of the hand. I'll try replacing them with small fluid drips and keep repeating to myself "less is more" as I work.

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    Hey Sproket, I love your work but have to agree with the general consensus, the blood isn't really working. I understand what your going for and think it has potential; however, the lack of realism is killing it. If a big gorilla came along and smacked something hard enough to have ropes of flesh and blood flying off his hand his whole forearm would be covered in blood and gore. There would also be small amounts of spatter from the impact on other parts of the gorilla such as his face and chest. The color of the blood also looks off to me, it's too bright and opaque. When you get bloody gore it is a darker crimson with hints of purple, also translucent. I think if you combine this effect with more gore on the hand and spatter on select areas it will really come together.

    Lastly, I think part of the problem that you are experiencing is due to your painting style. You have an incredible painting style that is very precise and controlled; however, blood spatter from blunt force trauma has none of these things. It is random and chaotic. I think when this comes together it will be incredible and suit the gorilla very well, but to achieve it I think you almost need to be less controlled and a little bit random. It's kind of like painting battle damage, often times the best work is created through techniques using sponges because you are forced into random patterns. When battle damage is to thought out it is obvious and loses the sense of realism.

    Your work is always inspiring, happy painting!

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    Hi Mr. Sproket. Thanks for the wonderful paintings.

    I think the gore needs to show more movement. To me chichi is hauling ass cyber-ape style through his scene so, maybe the gore needs to be a little more dynamic, or streaming, just like the drool?

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    I think the blood/gore is not working because of 2 things:

    1. It is to light-red. It has do be darker.

    2. The hand is too clean. With his hand ripping off someone's torso, the rest of the hand and maybe even the ankle would be dripping in blood.

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    Thanks for all your comments guys they've really helped me to get my head around the blood and how I want to deal with it.
    To that purpose I've removed most of the old blood (that was fun ) and reworked the effect. I may add a bit more gore to the arm (I think it can take it) but I'll give it some thought as I don't want the gore to dominate the mini.

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    I've also finally started to paint the base. It's all too clean looking at the moment but that will change.

    Name:  CeeCheewall.jpg
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    much better! suit the mini perfectly in a very cartoony way, nice!
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    The gore looks so much better and now flows with the hand
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