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    Hi, I\'m painting an uruk-hai for a painting contest, so I was wandering if you guys had any ideas for some cool red skin tones? This should be interesting to paint for the contest, as my bone controlling my thumb is fractured, so I have no thumb or wrist movement. :( Also, could maybe some of you figure out the colors in this picture for the skin? http://www.games-workshop.com/lotr/us/painting/veteran10.htm



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    try black undercoat, burnt sienna, with raw sienna highlights, then a touch of white mixed in at the top highlight.

    I don\'t know what GW would call those colors, but they\'re pretty standard.

    reddish brown and nasty. :)

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    are those vallejo colors?

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    I believe you would have to come up with some sort of Red Gore/Bestial Brown/ Black mix. GW\'s colors suck at red, there\'s only three colors. To me, whenever they paint theirs it looks like they\'re doing a reddish brown, but they say they\'re adding Dwarf Flesh for the orcs. That\'s about it for my knowledge..

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    Default i cant recall off hand

    ive read the book enough..... but is the urak hais skin really dark red marroon? you know since every one and ther grandma is going to have the dum orks with dark red skin id actually check to see if thats thier skin colors then show everybody up. either that or to just be different and stand out. maybe a ash grey or faded dark blue. i dont think youll do good in the competition just doing what everyone expects and is doing themselves.

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    burnt sienna and raw sienna are standard oil paint and artist acrylic colors you can find in craft paint lines and artist paint lines. Vallejo probably has them also, but I\'m not sure (they should).

    The closest match in GW paints are likely vermin brown for burnt sienna and bubonic brown or possibly snakebite leather (athough it has a bit more green) for raw sienna.

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    Thanks guys, I actually triedsome neat colors that work really well. I basecoat of scorched, dark flesh, scab, and black. Highlights with dark flesh and scab, then a bit of bleached bone. Maybe an ink wash too. I would try something new, but I paint so slow with no wrist or thumb movement. The armor I think will get extra effort, as it such a main piece, I was thinking dark metal, with a boltgun highlight, then rusty patches with tin bitz, and add slash marks and blood on the sword. What do you think?


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