Confrontation Phoneix still kicking?
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Thread: Confrontation Phoneix still kicking?

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    Default Confrontation Phoneix still kicking?

    So does anyone have any idea if this reboot is still in the works, or should I be scouring eBay for all those awesome mini's, magazines, and rulebooks I never got the chance to enjoy? I don't mind shelling out cash on something as cool as confrontation minis( Rackham never made a model I didn't love), but if Phoneix isn't a pile of ash it'd be worth knowing.

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    There was no sight of it at Gencon save their banner. The previous years they had been doing demos.
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    Man that is disappointing...hopefully a banner means there's a weak pulse!

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    No sign at GEN CON is...not a good sign!

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    Talking with some of the CMoN staff, they said that something is still in the works for Confrontation, but that they could not go into at this time. Guess that gives it a slight pulse, but it is definitely weak and fading

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    That is definitely the best news I have heard yet! Though, as you said, it is a weak, fading pulse, but that sure beats the hell out of a flat line! I suppose if worse comes to worst, we of the confrontation community could always go the blood bowl route, and keep the game alive through a community effort. People still manage to find proxies for epic, and host tournaments for BFG, and necromunda, so I guess, one way or another, confrontation might still have a chance.

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    Well ladies and gentleman, I tried to get some knew from on high concerning a time frame for confrontation phoenix, and got something pretty similar to Swan... Specifically, I wanted to know if we of the confrontation community should scour eBay, and the internet, for old cards and minis if we wanted to play? The nice people told me, "sorry for the inconvenience. Stick to eBay." So I guess that about solves that riddle.

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