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    Default Irene "Iron Eyes" von Goritsi card

    Hello Leif and all,

    I have just one quick question. Is there going to be a card with Irene? And, will there be a card with the "gold Leif" cards as well?

    Thanks for any answers. I am loving just about everything that I have seen so far!

    (Kaz on Kickstarter)

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    Yes there will be a card for her available before the KS ends. Heh I doubt there will be a gold Leif card, but well see =)

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    Thanks for the answers! It would be too cool if Irene could make it into the Gold Foil cards.


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    Which faction(s) will she work for?

    Also, will she be cast in the same plastic as the other models?

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    Irene is a Goritsi character. I am almost sure that she will be cast in the same plastic combination as the rest of the Wrath of Kings figures.

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    @Adunaphel I appreciate the enthusiasm but she is not actually =) You guys will have to wait a bit to see hehe.

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    She's a new Scion! Mwahahahaha! (The author warns that this is baseless speculation and should not be taken seriously.)

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    Yeah, it seems unlikely she would work for Goritsi, given her backstory. I'm guessing she's some sort of independent mercenary, but I'm not sure who she'd work for.

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    Color me embarrassed! Yeah, I guess I wasn't thinking at the time I wrote that. I would think that she would be a free agent and work for all of the factions.
    Although, in the short stories, she is already working with Goritsi (somewhat unwillingly) and Shael Han.


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