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    So I did some thinking...and it hurt a little...kind of tingled...and then when I stopped I thought, since this is the confrontation forum on CMoN's sight, why don't we make a thread for game resources? That way everyone on this forum can run tournaments, and possible even introduce this beloved game to a new audience!

    I'll see if I can upload all the stuff I've got here once I can get back to my desktop. In the mean time here is a list of the things I haven't been able to find via google;

    1.) Lions of Alahan Chimera card
    2.) Devouerers of vile-tis entire English card library
    3.) Cards for Howling Pack
    4.) Two novels published by rackham
    5.) World of Arklash book from Ra'gnorock set
    6.) Issues of cry havoc

    If any of you have these things and would like to share them here is a great place to do it.

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    This site has the most complete archive of cards I've seen.

    Finally found the chimera card, sadly, there doesn't seem to be an English one, and the vile-tis cards, howling pack, etc., are here. Still looking for following items;

    1.) world of arklash book
    2.) novels
    3.) cry havoc issues

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    are you looking for digital versions or normal books?

    I ask because, I have extra copies of the novels with the figures(and their cards).

    If you are looking for PDF-s, then a good news, everything is scanned in except the novels (all CH-s(1-15 with the supplements from 1-6), all catalogues(2002-2006), all rulebooks (C2-C4), even hybrid+nemesis and the ragnarok box)

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    I am specifically looking for digital stuff to go on this thread, that way we can make a coordinated effort to introduce new gamers, and have a more organised area for resources. If you've got a link to these PDF's and you don't mind sharing by all means friend we'd love to have you on board.

    As for the your knowledge has anyone ever attempted to make e-books out of them? I remember a few people doing this with Black Library novels. I'd try myself, but no one in my local meta has the kind of cash those things are going for now.

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    novels: nope, as far as I know noone has ever wanted to make a digital version from them.

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    Really your best forum for Confrontation related stuff imho is Plus you can see a healthy discussion going on about Phoenix.
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    I have been trying to access that site for over a month now. For some reason, no matter which device, computer, or web browser I use, I get the "cannot find server" page. Is anyone else having this problem with

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    Default is apparently having hosting issues. Don't think they've resolved it yet, though.

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    The biggest database of Confrontation resource I know on the Internet is here:
    It is mostly in French, though... But pretty much all the game is here.
    Regarding rules, Cyanide is giving them on the Internet, directly from Confrontation wiki:

    The French federation is still existing and supporting the game, they even released new and updated rules in order to correct the bugs from 3.5 edition. I do not know if Federations from other countries still exist.

    For minis, this company bought the remaining inventory when Rackham closed and they still have some leftover and it is usually much cheaper than ebay:

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    Wow that's awesome Neubauten thanks for sharing!

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    Okay so MAXXxxx was kind enough to share a bunch of files with me that I was hoping to add to this thread as downloadable links. However, cool mini says these files are much too big, SO if anyone wants any of these invaluable resources send a private message to me and I will pass them on to you. Aside from the main rulebook, dogs of war, and Ragnarok rules I was able to download the world of arklash book, and every single issue and gaming aid from Cry Havoc. As to everyone who has posted awesome suggestions, great links, and places for us to feed our mini wargaming addiction I give you the beer salute! Okay...I just like doing that...

    In other news, if there is anyone out there who reads these random things I post here who just happens to live in the San Benito County area, I'm strongly considering starting up a gaming club, so send me a message if you're at all interested in not having to drive two hours south east!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neubauten View Post
    Regarding rules, Cyanide is giving them on the Internet, directly from Confrontation wiki:
    I quickly downloaded them to see. While the Conf2 oef-s are pretty good to get (I'll replace my copies with them), I really had to laugh at the conf3 and DoW files.
    They are the exact copies of those I scanned back in 2006, so it's funny to see them as 'official' + it would be great if the official C4 books were also there (they were released for free before R went down)

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    I'm pretty sure you've all seen this place, but another great site to find minis is It's out of Ukraine so if you feel fine ordering stuff from that part of the world, in my case that far away, this place has just about everything with a few exceptions. I've been waiting to bring it up, just in case it turned out to be a fraud, but my minis are on their way here! at the moment it looks like the site is down, but my guess is it'll be back shortly.

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    I am not sure if advertising barely legal mini makers is really in line with CMON policy but, given the fact that CMON released maybe 0.5% of the Confrontation range in 3 years, I do not see other good solution to buy the minis... But I suggest to look for Aarklash Chronicles on the Internet.

    Keep in mind that this is re-cast (except they are releasing some new original models).

    I'd be happy to buy official minis but so far it seems impossible:

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    Agreed, hence my other source of hesitation in mentioning that site. I kind of figured cadwallon was a recast site as they're never out of stock. But, as you say, unless CMON plans on doing something official with their license we're better off finding an alternative that allows us to keep playing. I for one would love to find a company that makes a none IP infringing alternative, much like gamezone's awesome warhammer fantasy alternatives, but no such luck. In the mean time lets take what we can get!

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    Taban miniatures has the Orcs of the Behemoth troll and Brontops rider that were never produced by Rackham. I want them so bad but so expensive...
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    Awesome stuff man it definitely seems like rackham had a lot of plans for minis that they just never got around to. For one thing we never got to see a whole lot about the sphinx, aside from some really cool art.

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    I haven't been thrilled with the lack of progress or information regarding Confrontation Phoenix myself but I don't think the correct path is promoting recasters. If anything their continued operation devalues the property as a whole.
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    Your opinion on the subject is duly noted savanttheory.

    Great to hear about dragonpainting! I can finally see what all the fuss is about.

    Also really looking forward to wrath of kings. I definitely see some great fun to be had in modelling, and conversion.
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