Anyone here build Gundam models?
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Thread: Anyone here build Gundam models?

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    Default Anyone here build Gundam models?

    I see there are a handful of Gundams in the galleries... not many though. Anyway, I'm curious if anyone else here builds them. I put together a few a number of years ago and was thinking of trying to build them again. Mainly because I'd like to try painting one in a style other than the usual "plastic Gundam" look that 90% of them seem to have. I see that a few the examples on this site have achieved that.

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    Though the site navigation is circa 1995, Cody's Coop has a nice weathering article for mecha. He also does resin anime kits a lot and has many, many good examples and tutorials (though some may be down). Though I've never done a mecha kit, I do have a vehicle project in mind that's of bigger scale in mind.. but I'll have to not be doing school so much.. rassa frassa education.. grumble, grumble...

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    ^ Looks like some nice stuff on that site, definitely above the average. Shame most of his gallery seems broken

    The tutorials look good, so thanks for the link!

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    Spent some more time googling and starting to come across some more inspired paint jobs. Including one that my brain still doesn't want to accept is real:

    Name:  ku-xlarge.jpg
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    I mean, just wow, that is incredible. And I wonder if such a style could be applied to other minis. Probably would work better on anime or other cartoony-style minis, than a lot of the regular fantasy or sci-fi stuff...
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    Looking at that one, I am pretty sure that is a CGI model because of all the aliased lines on it you only get with computer lines. If it was real I could expect some on the outside because of taking out background- but you look at enough CG work, you can tell.

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    Oh, it's real. They deliberately painted rough edges on it to simulate the old-style art of the cartoon. I think that plus JPEG compression (or maybe resizing/over-sharpening?) probably caused that aliasing in that image.

    There are lots of other pics here:
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