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    Hi all!

    This is the 2nd project I am working in. Pedro Kantor from the Grimson Fists.

    Everything I will be posting it's painted using kolynsky brushes and a wet palette (this is actually one of the things I am learning how to use).

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    The armor is done in 3 layers + highlights as follows:

    Prime coat: Black
    Base coat: necron abyss + Black + regal blue (3:3:1)
    2nd coat: same as base coat (4:3:1)
    3rd coar: ditto (6:3:1)
    highlight: 3rd coat + white
    glaze: regal blue + water (1:5)
    wash: black + water (1:4)

    The gold bits I tried a NMM technique:

    Base coat: Desert yellow
    1st highlight: desert yellow + tausept ochre (1:1)
    2nd highlight: tausept ochre + iyanden darksun (1:1)
    final highlight: iyanden darksun + white (1:3)

    I threw several washes in there:
    1) snakebite leather + water (1:5) - several layers
    2) jade green + water (1:5) - couple of layers

    I wanted to give a dark gloom to the mini. I wanted to practice with the Day-for-Night effect. I am thinking to incorporate this into the dio I am planning to make for the mini.

    I want to thank you all in advance for the comments and for the inspiration I have got watching some of the minis on the website!

    Best regards!

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    Nice work so far
    To make the mini really stand out get the extreme edge highlights more crisp and sharp.
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Wow, very nice.
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    Very nice...i think you have already surpassed my skill level.

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    Not one of my favourite models but I would take some more time to finish the wash lines on the shoulder pads and backpack exhausts. This should make it a 7 and the trick is to finish everything of course

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