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    Hi guys!

    This is the last of the project I am working at the moment. I hope you like it. Any comment would be much appreciated.

    Today I bring you Azrael Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels. This time I went for light tones on the armor with a strong cenital light and a bit of NMM.

    Name:  azazel general.jpg
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    Regarding the sword this time I thought to go for a power sword instead of the TMM or a NMM, this is actually my first try to paint a power sword.

    For the banner I found this painting of Azrael online I thought I would try some free hand and get a bit more artistic and go for it.

    Name:  the_angel_of_death.jpg
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    Name:  azazel details.jpg
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    And here it's the servitor

    Name:  azazel servant.jpg
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    Thanks in advance for your comments!

    All the best!

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    it's a bit weird.

    overall I like it.
    - the sword looks absolutely good
    - the chest eagle, eagles on top of banner / on gun look also great (not gold, but a great bonelike color)
    - the freehand is pretty good (and lightyears ahead of what I can do)

    BUT compared to those 3:
    - the armor looks flat
    - the transitions on the cloak look rough
    - and please please please fix his eyes, right now they totally kill the mini.

    as for the servitor: looks ok, could use some smoothing out the transitions at some places.
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    Pretty much what Maxx said- the blends and colors are good, as well as the free hand. What's off-putting is the eyes. I know- even now after years of painting it's still tough but I've found using watercolors helps because you can always wash it off if you screw up and it seals good with dullcote and such. Also, the other thing is here and there are some places where it looks like you got the mould line off, and kinda roughed up the surface- but that's an issue with the mini and not the paint job. So, overall I really appreciate your vision and going for it!

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