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    I did the $100 deal. I am new to kickstarter and don't really understand what I get and also they never asked which starter sets I wanted. I know I get two plus the bonus stuff if they break certain money levels. How will I tell them the ones I want. I am so stoked the mini's look awesome. Thanks CMON for a great kickstart. I am not a gamer but love painting mini's.


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    Don't worry at the end of the kickstarter they will send a pledge survey to everybody, at that time you will be able to fill what you want.

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    to which email? the one I use for amazon? I didn't sign up on kickstarter so im not sure where they will get the email.

    Oh and thank you so much for the quick reply...


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    Ok I may have messed up. I wanted to change my amount to 110 so I did it through kickstart which sent payment to amazon. Now In amazon it has two payment authorizations one for 100 and another for 110. Will it be taking 210 out of my account? Sorry for my stupidity.


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    Normally they will send out with the email from Kickstarter, if my memory is good.
    For the two pledges, I am not sure how to handle it but I believe that you can sort it out and pull back part of your money. Maybe another member will help you out.
    You have CMON_Leif who organized the kickstarter from CMON, he is on the forum regularly and can help you out I believe.

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    go to the pledge manager and put the pledge total to what you want it to be - this will not add to your previous pledge, but it will not work if you put a lower dollar amount in than the pledge level you select. You should be able to change it to 100, select king level and be good. As others have said when the pledge manager comes out you will select your desired faction or factions. Additionally if you wanted to add the rank 2 leaders or monsters or another starter box you can add that dollar amount to your amount pledged, select your base pledge level reward and when the pledge manager comes out you will select what optional purchases you wanted to make with your remaining pledge. You will only be charged for what you entered in the most recent pledge level and you won't be charged until the kickstarter ends.

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    Yeah I did change it n the kick starter to 110. I wanted to buy a bunch of the bases. They look awesome.

    Thank you everyone for your help.


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    Thanks for the support everybody, Jsteel if you have any more questions these forums are always helpful even if one of the mods like myself cant jump on. After the kickstarter closes we send a pledge manager which will request which items you want for your pledge. At that time you can add to you pledge as well too.

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    Is the shipping amount included in the $200 goal to receive a free ancient king? As in if my pledge was $205 (including shipping costs) then would I get a free Ancient King or would I have to pledge $200 + shipping?

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    it probably should be 200+ shipping.
    so 200$ worth of WoK stuff for the king.
    The same logic was used for the KD figure for example, as is for the free AncientKing figure (AK pledge is 200+shipping), so on that logic I'd say you need the shipping as extra.

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    Make sure you're getting email updates whenever there's a new post on the kickstarter. If you are, then you should definitely be fine for getting the pledge manager. Otherwise, try poking around in your kickstarter account settings to see if you can find where your email is stored.

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