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    Hi! My name is Ian and I'm pretty new to the hobby. I've been lurking here for a little bit and decided to expose my novice work for criticism. Firstly, I'm an RPG gamer who got into this hobby through my eBay D&D mini obsession. Although I don't believe I have any natural talent as an artist, I started off painting some old Grenadier D&D minis that my friend unearthed, then I painted a number of metal Reapers. Most recently, I bought someone's Reaper Bones Kickstarter set (on eBay again) and have been steadily painting those. Anyway, I've uploaded what I've painted thus far and invite any and all to rate them. Feel free to leave some constructive criticism.

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    Hi and welcome I am sure you have many happy miniature painting days ahead of you I'll take a look at your gallery in a minute, but it's worth mentioning that the galleries are (oddly) not the best place to get feedback. People tend to put up finished work there, and as such it's considered "done". If you want feedback, start a thread in the WiP (work in progress) section of the site and put some pics of your work in the post. You'll get a lot more comments that way

    happy painting

    *edit* aha - your gallery is currently empty, but I suspect that's just cos your pics are awaiting approval. I'm sure the mods will clear 'em shortly. Busy boys, those mods are
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    Images approved, welcome to the forums.
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