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    I have a bunch like several hundred old Vallejo model paints. I see they are going bad. Is there something besides water I can add to them to help them from hardening worse?


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    An agitator might help. I plonk a BBgun pellet into mine to help wake the paint with a good shake.

    There's also retarded that could help. I use a slow-dri and flow-aid from Liquitex in my water.

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    In this case I used Prince Air thinner, I add some guts, not a lot mixed with water when the paint seems very bad.
    When the paint is not so bad I add only water.

    In everay can of paint, I place a ball of old ball bearing.
    I take apart the ball bearing, and each ball is wash in a bath of white spirit to degrease them.
    Atfer this operation, I wash them with hot water to have a clear ball ton place in the can.
    Solution which is not expensive.

    I hope it will help you.

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    It depends which style of Vallejo. The game color range is complete crap IMO and they turn into crunchy messes if they dry out. The regular line is pretty good about drying. It may get gummy, but you can add water and matte medium to them and they should be okay. After having a few BBs rust and stuck to the bottom of my bottles I now use cheap glass beads, since I know for a fact they won't react- plus the hole inside just adds to the agitation! Hope this helps!

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