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    Default WFBattles - Online Warhammer Battle Recorder, Leagues, Campaigns, Ranking & loads of

    I've recently added two new pages to; The Revered and Battlefields.

    WFB - The Revered (link)

    Shows which armies are most feared by each army owner and in aggregate. It also shows which are the most collected (and loved) and wanted armies, I've called that section The Venerated.

    Some pics

    WFB - Battlefields (link)

    Consists of two elements, the Scales of War (ie. who's "winning" the eternal conflict) and Bitter Rivalries - the armies from opposing factions that spill the most of each other's blood! :-)

    I've blogged all the details here (in case you want to know how it's all calculated) :- -Battlefields Page details

    Some pics :-

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    Default Get your battle reports rated and get yourself ranked

    Hi folks,

    I've finished adding the Star Rankings rating for batreps (Battles page). Any member can now rate another report and associated links to battle reports here or on another Warhammer forum/blog or YouTube). Members can also see their own batrep ranking (Scribes page - in the Battles section) and who the batrep raters are (Seers page - in the Battles section).

    Please help me to spread the news.

    See screenshots below and my Warhammer blog post for details of other things I'm working on (which includes a Trust/Distrust reporter feature to allow the community to moderate itself and a Most Valuable Member by participation page).

    You can also follow development plans and progress in detail through the WFB Reporters forum or my WFB News Facebook page.

    Battles Page...

    Scribes Page...

    Seers Page...

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    Thumbs up Sigmar's Fantasy Battles ( update

    I've made quite a few presentation changes, improved page load times, added a new Member Prestige feature (see below image) and improved the accuracy of the Army Polls by enabling members to leave an army unrated.

    • WFB Member Prestige earned for adding quality battle notes / links, rating other battles and general participation
    • WFB Polls page updated to allow members to, for example, leave an army book unrated because they haven't read it*
    • Several pages now load a lot faster
    • Image attribution so you know who painted which minis

    * I have removed all the default data where a user did not rate any armies at all. As a result the Poll summary is now a lot more accurate and Warriors of Chaos are well and truly in the lead in the Strongest Army poll, Skaven, Dark Elves and Daemons make up the closest chasing pack.

    If you want to keep up to date with major changes please follow the Battle Reporter blog - WFBattles label. Or if you want to hear about all the detailed changes please Like the WFB News Facebook page.

    Member prestige...

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    Thumbs up Inviting new members

    Quite a lot of enhancements, tweaks and development plans so I've blogged them all with some highlights:- update - enhancements, Warhammer stats highlights and things in development is FREE with no catches or spam - I built it for fun not money.

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    Default Most popular Warhammer Fantasy Armies

    I've added a new section to the Hobby Choices poll results page.

    It shows which army collectors own, paint, want, love, loathe and fear each other army.

    I've blogged the details with some observations here:- WFBattles - Army Collections (blogged)

    And here's the WFBattles page under the "Polls" section:- Member's Army Collections

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    I have updated the Members Roster page to give people the option of excluding those members from the Win% ranking who have not posted Battle Report links or Battle Notes when they added their battles.

    You have the option of setting your own qualifying criteria for Battle Notes which is set at a default of 500 characters [approx. 6 sentences] (see image below and read on) :-

    • (1) Click the check box to only rank members who have posted a link or notes
    • (2) Choose the number of characters written in the Battle Notes that you consider sufficient*...
      ...then hit <Enter> or <Tab> away from the characters text box

    * add 1500 to the characters text box if you want to exclude all battles except those with Batrep links.

    Please subscribe to this thread or this one to keep abreast of developments.

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