Proxies, Conversions, and cool stuff.
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Thread: Proxies, Conversions, and cool stuff.

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    Red face Proxies, Conversions, and cool stuff.

    As Wrath of Kings comes to an end this week I can't help but see all the potential converting, painting, and sculpting potentials inherently available in a brand new range of awesome miniature!... Only one I feel don't fit are the pelagarth...but I'll save that for a different thread. :3

    Since we of the confrontation community are playing a game that is effectively deceased- at least on a production level- has any one out there done any kit bashing, conversions, or sculpting of your own to make proxies, and or the minis you always wanted that never saw the light of day? If you've got pictures share them! If you find a cool picture on the net of an awesome project someone else did share it! If you've got ideas SHARE THOSE TOO! But remember

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    I cant claim its mine, and don't have a picture, but I saw an incredible job someone did of making the guild of goldsmiths Battleship Knox. Truly gorgeous.

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    For some reason this makes me think of the land ship from forgeworld. Doesn't really fight in warhammer, but that'd totally work in confrontation. Gold guild is my favourite, so I hope to see that some day.

    Saw this guy on eBay, and I gotta admit its pretty sweet!
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