So I ran a very fun game six months ago for the new IKRPG system, and, of course, we got a bunch of stuff wrong, and the players blew the evil thamarite wizards head off with a single maglock bullet that shouldn't have been nearly that powerful! But I digress.

I am interested in writing a big campaign, split into three acts, call of cthulhu style. It is the story of an Iosian noble in exile who has hired a band of adventurers to travel with him all over immoren, and beyond, to save the planet from the internals he believes are manipulating events in the Iron Kingdoms!

Yeah I picked up on the cthulhu vibe too, but it's not totally out of place considering some of the fluff. My question to all of you though is this; has anyone out there made the attempt to stat internals with the new system? Does anyone one have the nerdy in depth knowledge about day to day life for an average Iosian? Would any groups be interested in running some of these scenarios, complete with pre-gen characters, and offer feed back?

Would you kindly?