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    Default multiple pledge and additional models question

    Hi all,
    me and my fellows are going to back this amazing game on kickstarter (as obvious). However, this would be our first kickstarter, and it looks full of dubts...
    First of all, these are the things we want:
    -3 different starter (shael han, hadross and teknes);
    -add the "big monster specialist lv2", leaders lv2, resin preview models and 3rd infantry type pack for each of the three factions.

    So the total is around 115$ for each faction, and finally something like 345$.

    Now. Here start the problems.
    When we will back the project, putting the total value, which pledge should we choose? And how much we need to add for the shipping cost? Lastly, how can we select the models we want?

    I know they are a lot of question, and I apoligize for my (maybe?) bad english (not my language), but we want to be sure about what to do to enjoy this game totally.

    Thanks for every possible answer.

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    hopefully I can help:

    The pledge level would be king (2 sets for $100) with extras going to the 3rd starter($50) and the other extras. ($25+$15=$40 for shipping if outside US)
    I'd look into it, but maybe you'd be better off with ancient-king ($200) level and trading in 2 starters for $35 each. ($40 for shipping outside US)
    Actually if I see it right the ancient-king + trade-in looks better ($190 for 3 starters+shipping vs $170 for 3 starters+shipping , the other extras are the same for both)

    models to select: normally a few weeks after the KS closes there is a pledge-manager, where you can:
    - select exactly what you want
    - add extra money if there are some extras you'd need (but this doesn't help to get to the strech-goals)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXXxxx View Post
    Actually if I see it right the ancient-king + trade-in looks better ($190 for 3 starters+shipping vs $170 for 3 starters+shipping , the other extras are the same for both)
    Right. The total would be $200 (AK) + $40 (shipping) + $190 (addons) - $70 (trade-in) = $360. This is assuming you're okay with only getting 1 copy of the rulebook, 1 dicebag, and 1 kickstarter bonus "iron eyes" mini; otherwise you'll have to add extras from the a la carte (which is still as cheap or cheaper than getting multiple "king" levels).

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    Where's the info to this "swapping" business? I saw it in the Teskal's XLS pricing sheet but didn't get what that was and now I'm seeing it again here.

    Was originally planning on doing the King pledge but am I understanding it correctly that I pledge AK and simply trade Factions back for credit? i.e. $200 - ($35 * 3) = $95? Yeah it's just $5 but, just wondering.

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    it was in update 29.

    "Faction Starter trade in
    You may trade in one Faction Starter at King for a $40 credit to be applied to optional items, or three Faction Starters at Ancient King for a $35 credit for each Faction Starter."

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    Ah, perfect, thanks!

    For anyone else who's interested:
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    Thank you all! All my dubts are resolved, we backed the project, sunny world!

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    OK, I am having severe headaches with the Kickstarter. No mater what I change my pledge level to I can not select additional items. I need to order the 3rd infantry box for all factions a second king level pledge and a few odds and ins. Any advice?

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    Just throw in however much money that it will cost to add your additionals.

    e.g. If you pledged King $100 and you want 3rd Infantry set $20, simply add $20 to your pledge for a total of $120. They will sort out your order later. (You can also add more money after the KS is over)

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    @Jade dispake is correct, there will be a pledge manager sent out after the KS closes, you will get to select all your add-ons later =). At the moment you can just put the amount you would like to spend, at that time you will also be able to add more funds if you find yourself wanting more then what you pledged =)

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