Ancient king unplayable? How about a scenario based idea?
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Thread: Ancient king unplayable? How about a scenario based idea?

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    Default Ancient king unplayable? How about a scenario based idea?

    CMoN has stated that the AK will be game breakingly unbalanced. My solution, make a custom card for him and create a scenario based skirmish - 2 on 1. So first lets state the basics, 2 players cooperate with separate factions to take down a third player fielding the AK and his super army. There could easily be lore added to it of an offshoot of the Goritsi faction revives the spirit of the ancient king - thus making him a bit less powerful, but I will think about that later and just focus on my skirmish idea for now. So two players pick a faction each and build a regular Battle sized army each from their faction. Through working together both armies receive the training ability from each commander. The AK player then builds an army I would say about Battle sized X 1.5 or double Battle sized from the remaining 3 factions, and being the AK as the commander gives the training ability for every leader on his field (he is supposed to be ridiculously powerful after all). The AK commander gets no morale at all, the only way for the first two players to win is to actually kill the AK. The two combined armies pool morale and only lose 1 morale per turn rather than 1 per army. The AK himself should have a high defense, very high offense and a lot of wounds. Any thoughts?

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    It would be nice to have use of him. For Scenarios or others.

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