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    I wonder if they will be available either on youtube, like the big-sister one, or as a strech-goal or something similar.

    What I'd like to see most is how the skin of the Octopus for the Cavalier was made and another on how to achive the same effect for the servidian as they are now.

    The best would be some video showing the technique + colors used, even if only on a small part of the mini (so no need to show how the whole was painted, just a part is enough).
    If not possible then a guide with pictures or even a thread here detailing them would be great.


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    Good idea. You could make an extra for the skinphobia-people who dislike the Pelegarth Deathmasks. A 'How to paint' on them a body tailored wetsuit or Latex Catsuit.

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    Because people who don't like that they are wearing a thong are going to be ok with a latex catsuit.

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    :-) Catsuits are more for people who like superheroes. But a neoprene wetsuit is a logical option with the Hadross as one of the enemies.

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